Meet Clayton Kershaw's Parents Marianne And Christopher George Kershaw

Clayton was born and brought up by his parents, Christopher George and Marianne Kershaw, in Dallas, Texas.

The athlete's father was a musician who directed his first song at 18. He went to college at Southern Methodist University, where he learned the basics of music.

Christopher was even awarded Clio Awards for his contribution to the field of music. While the athlete's mother, Marianne, is responsible for the upbringing of her children.

Clayton thanks his parents for the kind of support they have showered him in his career. Indeed, the latest win in the athlete's career might be dedicated to his parents.

Marianne And Christopher George Kershaw Age Disclosed 

Christopher George Kershaw was 64 years of age when he took his last breath.

The musician used to celebrate his birthday on the 24th of May and was born in 1949. However, with the great legacy left in the music industry, Christopher died in 2013.

On the other hand, Marianne's age details are still kept under the closed curtains. The couple was married for more than three decades before their death.

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Take A Look At Kershaw Family Background: Does Clayton Have Any Siblings?

The Kershaw family consists of some great individuals. Starting from his musician father, Christopher George. He was one of the finest musicians back in his time, even felicitated with an award.

Clayton's great uncle Clyde Tombaugh was an astronomer. He was present with the team of astronauts who discovered Pluto in 1930 along with asteroids and UFOs, according to the celeb family.

The athlete didn't have to go far for inspiration, as his family is full of inspiring personalities. However, Clayton felt alone during his upbringing with no presence of siblings. He is a single child.

However, Clayton is married to Ellen Melson, enjoying the company of the couple's daughter Cali Ann. The athlete's daughter is seven years of age. Besides Cali, Clayton has three children whose names are not disclosed.