Who Is Marcelo Pecci Esposa- Edad Or wife Claudia Aguilera? 

Marcelo Pecci has been married to his wife or esposa edad Claudia Aguilera.

Marcelo was a well known anti drug prosecutor who had worked successfully in nation's greatest A Ultranza project.

Marcelo  and his esposa Claudia Aguilera were married on April 30, 2022.

Claudia is a well reputed Paraguan journalist.

Claudia and Marcelo Pecci were enjoying their honeymoon in the slumber Cartegan resort of Carribean City.

Earlier on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Claudia announced through a happy post on her Instagram handle that she and her husband are expecting a baby and that she is pregnant.

Hours later, two men entered the ebach on jet ski and shot Marcelo without any verbal altercation.

The shooting hints at a possible murder with motive and the men belonging to the drug gang that Marcelo may had previously busted.

Explore Anti-Mafia Prosecuter Marcelo Pecci On Wikipedia

Anti Mafia or anti drug prosecutor Marcelo Pecci has not yet been featured on the official Wikipedia page.

He had worked in many anticrime bustings, anti drug trafficking covet projects, smuggling raids and arrest of organized crimes.

We pray for the eternal peace of his departed soul and express sincere condolences to his grieving family and ask eveyone to maintain or share a moemnt of peace and privacy towards his family.

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What Happened To Marcelo Pecci And His Esposa? Cartagena Beach Incident

Marcelo Pecci was enjoying his honeymoon phase with his newly wed esposa Claudia.

They were enjoying the solitude of Carrbibean City resort at Cartagena.

They were pursued by two men in jet ski who shot Marcelo and fled the scene.