Christine Chiu Before Surgery: Explore Her Photos

Christine Chiu, according to reports, had skincare surgeries to achieve her ideal appearance. She also posts images from her recovery on her official Instagram account.

She also takes excellent care of her health. For her radiant face, she consistently chooses the best skincare products.

Christine Chiu is married to a celebrity plastic surgeon, so it's not surprising if she's had cosmetic surgery in the past.

There's no disputing that Christine Chiu has a life that most of us can only wish about, but she also used to enjoy a Snapchat filter just as much as the next guy.

One of the most shocking shifts for the Bling Empire star occurred when she tweeted a flashback photo of herself in college, claiming to have had a "blonde moment." 

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Christine Chiu Biography

Christine Chiu recently produced and starred in "Bling Empire," Netflix's breakout popular series.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and the Regenerative Medicine Aesthetic Institute, and the SPA at BHPS are co-owned and founded by her.

As a chief creative officer, she built the luxurious clinic and developed branded partnerships in the non-invasive Spa at BHPS.

She has been the Institute's ambassador and a known beauty expert in dermatology and surgery for national and local print, digital, and television media and has spearheaded the development and amplification of the Dr. Chiu brand.

Christine is an international fashion expert and sought-after brand advocate as the world's youngest famous haute couture collector.

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