Christina Santini And Laith Hakeem's Relationship

Christina Santini and Laith Hakeem were in a relationship through Tumblr, it was a small social media app where the user could post their blogs and stories and it was named tumblelog. 

However, while maintaining the long-distance relationship, the couple were able to maintain their chemistry and communicate daily but being physically closer to one another, they were not able to meet each other's expectations. 

The difference in their motivation, expectations, and aspirations brought differences in communication and a lack of feelings for each other. 

It was stated that Christina had broken the heart of Laith but it is likely that both couples were at fault in the relationship, rather than working through their hurdles, it seems the couple took the easy way out and split their bond. 

Damson Idris Girlfriend Christina Santini On Instagram

Damson is a British Actor, he has risen into prominence through his acting in the drama series Snowfall. Prior to this show, the actor acted on shows like Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone. 

Damson has been linked with many actresses, rappers, and models, his famous rumor was about his relationship with Saweetie in November 2021. However, it got clear that they were just friends. 

He was also photographed with rapper Dreamdoll but, he cleared the confusion that people are just making their assumption as there is nothing between them. 

Damson and Christina have also been on the red carpet of the Snowfall as the two of them were photographed, but it only seems to be rumored as it has not been verified by the concerned parties. 

Hence, the media seems to be only indulging in rumors rather than facts. Thus, the actor is single and searching for the right partner for him to share a compassionate and long-term bond. 

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Christina Santini Age & Net Worth

Christina Santini is a 30-year-old social media influencer and content creator. it is estimated that she is worth nearly 1 million dollars. She seems to have a number of followers on different social media.

Likewise, Christina seems to have her own hustle for her to increase her finances. Also, her Instagram account is @santinihoudini she has more than 111k followers.