Christian Koloko Parents Ethnicity, Details About The Basketball Player

Christian Koloko playing for the Arizona Wildcats as Center ( Source : Instagram )

The Toronto Raptors have selected former Arizona Wildcats basketball player Christian Koloko with the 33rd pick in the 2022 NBA draft.

The young French-speaking African athlete has always made the spectators curious about his background and upbringing and what his parents look like since the 22-year-old is so tall and talented.

So let us dive deep into the athlete's background and learn more about his parents, his ethnicity, and where he got his tall genes.

Christian Koloko Parent's Ethnicity

Christian Koloko was born to his loving and supportive parents on June 20, 2000, in Douala, Cameroon, belonging to the Chadic ethnic group.

The young athlete is 7 feet tall and was bullied in his hometown for being too tall, which would soon be his greatest strength.

Christian Koloko with his parents and sister, Stephanie
Christian Koloko with his parents and sister, Stephanie ( Source : Arizonawildcats )

The 22-year-old has not revealed the name of his parents, but he has spoken about how much he loves them and how much they support his passion despite not having much knowledge about the sport.

His father is 6 feet tall, and his mother is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. However, young Koloko got his genes from his grandparents and grew to the height of 7 feet.

Christian came to Los Angeles all the way from Africa and did not know much English at first. But soon, he bonded with his teammate and felt comfortable in LA.

The basketball player moved to his sister, Stephanie's place in LA, who was doing her master's at the time, and started playing basketball at the Birmingham High School.

Meet Christian Koloko's Dad and Mom On Instagram

Christian Koloko has a huge fan following on his Instagram, but it seems he has not shared any pictures of his dad and mom on his Instagram.

The young basketball player seems to like his privacy and does not post personal things on his social media other than his games.

Also, his parents live in Cameroon, so it is hard to find time to meet them and take pictures with them since he spends his time enjoying the company of his parents seeing them after so long.

Although his parents live far and don't know much about the sport he loves so much, his mother came to see his game once in 2020. This was the first time his mother saw him playing basketball for the Wildcats live.

Young Koloko missed a lot of free throws that game, to which he shared his mother's reaction saying, "We missed a lot of goals." Later in the next game, Christian defeated the rival team 80-62 and dedicated the win to his mother.

The athlete seems very closely connected to his mother, although he does not like to share his bond publicly on social media.

But you can find pictures of him with his teammates and a few with his siblings on his Instagram @cjkoloko and keep up with his updates.

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