Who Is Chloe Symonds? -  Andrew Symonds Daughter Age

Andrew's daughter's name is Chloe, she was born around a similar time as his retirement. Her age is probably around 10 years old. She is his firstborn from his relationship with Laura.

He seems to be a great father in the public. However, there is only limited information available about her to the public. People wonder if she is also interested in cricket like her father or not.

There are also not many pictures of Andrew's daughter in the public. It appears like Andrew wants to maintain a private and separate his children from the unwanted media scrutiny. Sometimes his kids used to be seen with him enjoying games together.

About Andrew, it is believed that his biological parents were of Afro-Caribbean background and of Danish or Swedish descent. He was adopted by Ken and Barbara when he was 3 months and they moved to Australia with him.

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How Many Children Did Andrew Have With Partner Brooke Symonds?

There is a lack of information about Andrew's kids with Brooke. However, it looks like they did not have a kid together because their marriage lasted only till 2005 after that they got divorced.

As per various reports, his firstborn was a daughter, Chloe, so it does not make sense that he had a kid before her. However, more detailed information can be expected soon from the sources close to the cricketer.

It has been rumored that he has three kids, but only his two kids have been seen in public, one son and one daughter. He used to be seen with them having beautiful moments of father and kids.

They will certainly be affected by the death of their father. People have taken over the internet to express their condolences and sympathy to the deceased family and prayed for them to be strong in times of difficulty.