Who Is Chiara Passari? Nick Kyrgios Charged With Assault On Ex Girlfriend

Famous Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgioss is alleaged with assualting his former girlfriend Chiara Passari ( Source : Fitnessfreak360 )

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios is charged with assault of former girlfriend, Chiara Passari which allegedly relates to the case in December 2021.

He is scheduled to face court in Canberra next month in this regard. If you are interested to know more about NIck's girlfriend's Wikipedia, bio, relationship, net worth and many more then we will guide you. Read the article till the end.

Who Is Chiara Passari? Her Age Detail

Chiara Passari is the ex-girlfriend of famed tennis player Nick Kyrgois. She is a high school graduate and recently a college student.

She came into prominence as the girlfriend of the adept tennis player.  When Chiara Passari shared a mysterious Instagram story implying that the tennis star may have cheated on her, everyone's attention was drawn to her.

People suspected that Kyrgios might have cheated on Passari with Anna Kalinskaya, a Russian tennis player.

Ex-girlfriend of wimbledon tennis plyer Nick Kyrgoiss seems to be in her mid twenties
Ex-girlfriend of wimbledon tennis plyer Nick Kyrgoiss seems to be in her mid twenties ( Source : Fitnessfreak360 )

The exact age of Chaira Passari is not disclosed yet but she seems to be in her mid-twenties. She looks so young with her florid face and may have done her skincare routine so seriously.

Her photo reveals her height to be around 5 ft 6 inches. However, the celebrity ex-girlfriend has not revealed her actual height: it's just our guess her to be of decent height.

She holds an Australian nationality while her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Talking about her parents, she is secretive and has not disclosed anything in this regard. however, her parents are expected to be highly supportive and cautious.

Chiara Passaari's career is based on her college performance only as she has not been doing any job right now. Moreover, she exudes an imaginative and creative personality. She occasionally has been seen creating artistic works for high school.

She is active on Instagram with 50.3k followers and 151 posts. Unfortunately, the account is kept private, maybe she doesn't want her personal life to come into prominence in public eyes.

Nick Kyrgios Assault On Ex-Girlfriend

Top tennis player Nick Kyrgois is charged with an allegation of assaulting his former girlfriend, as a result, he is scheduled to face court in Canberra next month on the accusation, which allegedly relates to an assault on a former girlfriend in December 2021.

The 40th-ranked player in the world is now in the UK and has advanced to Wimbledon's quarterfinals.

Famous tennis player Nick Kyrgios had a relationship with a college student Chiara Passari. According to sources, Nick introduced his girlfriend on Instagram on June 27, 2020. 

Later the couple broke up in Adelaide hotel Medi after police were called over a verbal argument between the pair.

The reason behind the breakup was rumored as Chiara found Nick naked with another woman in the hotel room. She has even shared the image to a sort point on social media writing that she wasn't that naked woman.

After the verbal argument, with police consent, the couple spent the rest of 14 days quarantine in a separate room.

Before Chiara, Kyrgios had a brief romance with tennis player Anna Kalinskaya from Russia. The relationship ended in March 2020.

Nick Kyrgios's Girlfriend Chiara Passaari's Net Worth

As Chiara Passari is a college student and she doesn't have any job, she is making any money at the moment.

She is still young and studying so her focus may be only on her study. She has to accomplish many milestones which are on her way. We wish her whooping financial success.

Nick Kyrgois will be on Wimbledon's Quarter final this week
Nick Kyrgois will be on Wimbledon's Quarter final this week ( Source : Boardroom )

On the other hand, Nick has an estimated net worth of $15 million, according to sportskeeda.com. His net worth also includes his luxurious home in Canberra, Australia. Moreover, he has a small car collection that includes brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Range Rover.

Nick has collected $8,987,950 in prize money overall. It is the main source of income for the vivacious Australian tennis player

Kyrgios not only invests in the online platform but also founded the sports athlete media company PlayersVoice. In addition, he co-hosts the No Boundaries podcast with Alexander Babanine, another ATP player.

Unlike other wealthy celebrities, Nick is involved in charity works and he stated that he would donate $200 for every ace he hit during the summer. Following the 2020 bushfire catastrophe in Australia, Nick Kyrgios was in charge of the fundraising effort.

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