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What Happened To Quandale Dingle? Death Hoax Kills Internet Sensation - Where Is He Now?

By Manisha Gurung | August 15, 2022

Quandale Dingle dead memes are one of the most current social media trends that have quickly garnered popularity. It's merely an arbitrary name that became well-known on Twitter in the second half of 2021. Famous YouTubers and meme creators have been...

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How Old Is Hunter Ecimovic? Milly Bobbie Brown Ex Boyfriend Later Apologized For His Grooming Comments

By Prajita Karki | August 12, 2022

Tiktok celebrity Hunter Ecimovi was well-known. He is entangled in the Millie Bobby Brown grooming scandal. Following Hunter Echo's offensive and vile statements about her and their supposed connection on Instagram live, Millie Bobby Brown has spoken...

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Ishowspeed Mugshot Photos: Was The Streamer Arrested During Live Stream?

By Shreyaa Pokharel | August 10, 2022

Ishowspeed, a well-known YouTuber, was apprehended on August 8th, 2022, while at home. The reason why the videos are so widely shared online raises serious questions. IShowSpeed is a well-known YouTuber, media personality, social media star, and busi...

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Nathan Apodaca Ethnicity, Where Is The Tiktok Star Originally From?

By Manisha Pathak | August 10, 2022

Mexican-Northern Arapaho-American Nathan Apodaca resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in the United States. He became well-known during the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak due to a video he put on the Chinese company ByteDance's video-sharing social...

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Is Kurt Caz Still Missing In 2022? Where Is He Today? Is He Dead?

By Prajita Karki | August 10, 2022

Kurt Caz is a popular social media personality and travel vlogger from South Africa. He keeps trip diaries and posts them on his YouTube channel. He manages a well-liked YouTube channel with the same name with more than a million subscribers. On his ...

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Ishowspeed Death News Real Or Hoax - Is He Really Dead? Details About His Daughter & Family

By Punam Karki | August 10, 2022

Ishowspeed's recent viral video causes rumors of his death. Some fans are concerned and wonder if he is dead or alive.  He was seen being detained by the Cincinnati police officers when he was doing a live stream. Another Twitch streamer, Adin R...

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Who Is Kyle Capener? Everything We Know About The Tiktok Star

By Sadixya Bista | August 9, 2022

Kyle Capener is a Tiktok user, social influencer, and contestant of the Big Brother 24 Capener is a houseguest on the reality television show Big Brother 24. He is the partnership manager at Podium in the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area. In February...

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How Did Cooper Noriega Die? Death Cause And Family Details Of The Web Star

By Punam Karki | August 7, 2022

Cooper Noriega's cause of death is yet to be discovered. However, he was struggling with mental health and addiction.  He died at the age of 19. He was a young Tiktoker who dreamt of helping people who needed help to deal with their mental illne...

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Who Is Benjamin Kickz Aka Benjamin Kapelushnik? Miami Social Media Personality Arrested

By Manisha Gurung | August 7, 2022

A young man who gained notoriety on social media for supplying wealthy customers with high-end footwear On suspicion of robbery, Benjamin Kapelushnik, commonly known as Benjamin Kickz or the Sneaker Don, was detained. Benjamin Kapelushnik, a 22-year-...

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Who Are Neffati Brothers On Tiktok and Where Are They From?

By Jenisha Dangal | August 5, 2022

The Neffati Brothers are another dynamic duo who have gained popularity on Tiktok recently after their videos have gone viral. Tiktok has always been a platform for people to create their own content and be as creative as they want. From Island Boys ...