Camilo Amores Age & Biography

There is a lack of information about Amores accurate date of birth; however, he is likely around 24 years old. It is quite impressive that he has managed to involve in various activities even at such a young age.

He is not bounded to acting only. He is a talented director, photographer, and cinematographer. Recently, he has also founded his own audiovisual production company Black Gaviota Films. His plan with it is to bring all his talent together.

It can be said that he does impressive work in photographic, audiovisual, and cinematographic pieces. It can be witnessed on his website. He is someone with a genuine passion for movies and movie making.

He is of Colombian nationality. People are very excited to see his work in the future. As of now, he has received positive comments from the people who have watched his performance in The Marked Heart.

Camilo Amores Wikipedia

Camilo Amores is a Colombian actor. He has been seen in various NetFlix projects like Los Briceño, The Secret Law, El Chapo, and Narcos II. He has managed to put forth an impressive performance in all of them.

One of the qualities that separate him from the crowd is that he is very agile and can transform himself according to the necessity of character. It seems like he has a very bright future ahead.

People can have an insight into his career through his resume. On his resume, he has mentioned all the projects he has been part of so far in his career. Many people might be oblivious to the fact that he was on Running with the Devil alongside Nicolas Cage.

He is also available on Instagram under the handle name camiloamoress. He has more than 60,000 followers and can be seen posting pictures of himself and his photography.