Who Is Caleb Fuller From Opelika Middle School? 

Caleb Fuller is a teacher at Opelika Middle School, who has been rumored to have been teaching history over there. He came into the limelight after he was charged with several charges of sexual misconduct with his student.

As reported by WDHN, amid this case, he has been subjected to administrative leave since April 28. There is no information about him being involved or having been accused preciously of a crime like this.

The police are performing a thorough investigation and Opelika school seems to have been very open to investigation. His age has been reported to be 36 years old, and he has been a teacher for a long time.

It can be expected that the police will soon reach a conclusive point, and the court will decide whether the alleged teacher is a threat to society and should be incarcerated or was wrongly accused.

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Opelika Middle School Teacher Arrested For Unethical Activity Against A Student

Opelika School teacher Caleb has been arrested by the police for involving in various sexually motivated illicit activities with a student. He has been arrested and has been charged with multiple charges.

As per the report of WJTV, he has been charged with Electronic Solicitation of a Child, Sexual Contact with a Student, and Luring a Child Someplace to Perform or To Propose Sexual Acts. The police are still in the middle of the investigation.

It is likely that the identity of the victim won't be revealed to the public because the student is a child. As of now, the police have not released much information about the crime and the evidence that led to the arrest of the teacher.

A large number of people are giving attention to this case because of its sensitivity and are talking about it on various social media platforms like Twitter.