Cal Bolder Actor Wikipedia & Bio Explored

Legendary actor, Cal Bolder does not have Wikipedia but his short bio is found on IMDb.

He attended Elkhart High School and enrolled in Wichita State University with an athletic scholarship. He then joined the US Marine Corps and served in Korea during the Korean War.

Bolder fought bravely after which he was awarded the Purple Heart. Initially, he served at the 1st Marine Division Craver but later, he was transferred to the 9th Marines at Camp Pendleton.

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Cal became a police officer for the LAPD. While he was on a duty in 1959, he issued a traffic ticket to a Hollywood agent, Robert Raison.

Rather than the traffic citation, Raison was interested in Bolder since he was amazed by Cal's stunning 6 feet 4 inches of height and muscular physique.

Robert then offered Bolder a deal and helped him to pursue an acting career. Cal debuted onscreen in the TV series, The Dennis O'Keefe Show in the same year.

Bolder then starred in Adventures in Paradise, Outlaws, Follow The Sun, Honey West, Daniel Boone, and so on. However, he is remembered for his iconic role of Arnie 'The Ape' Guthrie in the TV series, Bonanza.

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Bonanza The Ape Cast Update Today In 2022

As of today in 2022, most of the actors who were the cast of Bonanza The Ape have passed away.

A grand total of 18 people were selected to have a part in the series. Among them, 10 individuals were credited for their role and the other 8 were left uncredited.

Among the cast, Karen Sharpe and Martha Manor are alive. The rest of the actors including Dan Blocker, Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, and Pernell Roberts have perished.

Even Cal Bolder, the actor who played the role of The Ape has died. As a matter of fact, he passed away on 19 January 2005 according to the online obituary.

Cal Bolder Wife- Who Was He Married To?

Cal Bolder died first and left his wife, Billie behind to live alone.

The pair said the wedding vows in 1954 and fulfilled their every promise. They had a joyous marital life and remained married for over 51 years.

Bolder and Billie parted only after his death in 2005. Prior to that, the couple raised their own family including 4 children and 9 grandchildren.