Brand New NBA Draft Jaden Ivey Girlfriends' Caitlyn Newton Is A Volleyball Player

Caitlyn Newton declared the player of the week ( Source : Twitter )

Caitlyn Newton could not resist sharing her happiness with the world after her boyfriend Jaden Ivey gets picked in the NBA draft in 2022. She shares the picture of them together on Instagram of them holding a basketball captioning it "Incredibly proud of my love! Detroit, here we come "

Now that she becomes a true celebrity girlfriend, the media pans its attention toward her more than ever before. This newfound fame might be unusual to her, but she is certainly getting used to given that her talented man is reaching greater heights in the days to come.

Who Is Caitlyn Newton? Jaden Ivey's Girlfriend Goes Viral After He Makes Into NBA Draft 2022

Caitlyn Newton found her new fame after her boyfriend got picked by Detroit Pistons. He forfeited his remaining collegiate eligibility when he declared for the 2022 NBA draft. He was predicted to go in the first five picks.

With her batter half's achievements, she is currently going viral. There is a reason we follow Cristiano Ronaldo's wife, despite her far-away connection from the showbiz world. This is exactly what happened to Caitlyn this time. 

However, you should know that she is not just a celebrity spouse for now, but is an active athlete. Caitlyn Newton, Jaden Ivey's girlfriend is a volleyball player. She went to Prude University in the year 2017 and graduated in 2022, majoring in psychological science. Having a p[roper college sports career, she was on the Boilermakers roster for almost 5 years. 

She was a member of Prep Volleyball's Senior Aces, played club volleyball for Crossroads of America, led her team in kills, established a school record, and was a member of the honor roll. She also coached young children in volleyball and helped in YMCA youth programs.

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Caitlyn Newton's Age And Height

Caitlyn Newton was born on November 26, 1999, which makes her 23 years old. A fellow Sagittarius, she is achievement-oriented and likes to complete things her way. A stubborn and self-confident individual is certainly making it big in the athletic world if she continues to chase them after the completion of her academic journey as well. 

Similarly, Caitlyn is 6 feet 1 inch tall. Further, the player complements her 6 feet 4 inches tall boyfriend quite well.

Caitlyn's parents are Donald and Anna Newton Scott. A whole bunch of siblings in her family, are named, Gregory Newton, Adam Scott, Caroline Scott, Ryann Scott, and Ava Scott. 


Caitlyn Newton And Jaden Ivey Relationship Timeline

Caitlyn and Jaden most likely met during their college days at Prude University. Even though they are yet to share their beautiful journey, we can see the first time, they shared their relationship was on December 7, 2021, when Newton shared a picture of their dinner date. The two seemed too much in love. 

Similarly, after that, her social shows that she calls Jaden her person this year in March, followed by a steamy beach picture of them together in April. They were probably vacationing in California. She proudly owns her man calling him the love of her life. 

With 6 thousand followers, Caitlyn is going to be the center of attraction with Jaden's every small or big success. This is both a boon and a curse of being with the nation's potential heartthrob. 

On the other hand, Jaden shared a picture together on April 25, calling her his peace. 

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