What Happened To Bryan Llenas Forehead? 

There is a clear visible bump in Bryan's head; however, neither he nor the Fox network has given any answer regarding the cause behind it. Due to a lack of answers about the visible bump, people's concern has been increasing.

People notice his forehead was not as it used to be usually, so there are worried for him and have taken over the internet to express their thoughts. Almost on all social media, there is a group of people discussing him.

Bryan has also been considered to be one of 50 Latino voices to be followed on Twitter. Over his career stretching across years, he has covered a wide range of news ranging from mass shootings to natural disasters.

He attended the University of Miami, where he has been inducted into the Iron Arrow Honor Society, which is the highest honor attained at the University of Miami. He has also won Communicator of the Year in the university.

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Fans Suspect Head Injury - Is Bryan Sick?

Fans are worried for Bryan since they saw a head injury on his forehead and they suspect he might be injured. However, there are any claims of such kind from the media house and the reported.

But still, the prime guess fans have is that he might have been injured. It can be expected that the journalist will speak about the bump in some time because this topic has been the prime concern of people currently.

He started to present his journalism skills during his university days. The first place he worked outside the University of Miami, as per his Linkedin page, is Fox News Latino, where he was a writer and produce multimedia content.

People can follow him on Instagram, where he has more than 11,000 followers and goes by the handle name bllenas. He posts various pictures and videos of him having fun.