Who Is Bruce Witkin Wife Suzanne Allison?

Bruce Witkin is married to his wife Suzanne Allison. 

Suzanne is the sister of Depp's ex-wife, Lori. Depp and Lori met through Bruce and Suzanne according to HITC

Bruce and Suzanne were dating when Depp and Bruce were bandmates and they were introduced to each other. 

Although much information about Suzanne is not available on the internet as of now, her sister Lori is a renowned make-up artist in Hollywood. She has been credited with makeup in several well-known movies such as, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991), Cyber Bandits (1995), and Secret Lies (1993).

Suzanne's sister Lori and Depp's marriage only lasted for 18 months but they remained good friends even after their divorce, they also had a sound married life as well. 

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Johnny Depp Band Member Bruce Witkin Testimony Details

Johnny Depp's former band member Bruce Witkin testified against him in his ongoing trial. 

According to Showbiz Cast, Witkin stated that Depp envied Heаrd's movie roles with "other men," but he had never seen him hitting Heard. he said that he had that jealousy instinct in him. He even said that Depp was envious of Nicolas Cаge in terms of work.

Bruce's testimony in the court today has enraged many of Johnny Depp's fans. He has been receiving criticism as the netiznes accuse him of backstabbing his old friend.

He added Depp could not stand Heard doing movie roles with other male actors. He testified that he once noticed marks on Heard's arm that looked like she had been grabbed and that he later saw Depp in rehearsal with a busted lip, but he couldn't recall the date.

Bruce admitted that his friend might hate him for what he said but he couldn't lie and that was what made him stand in the court that day according to Pimiso