Was Chris Darnell Married? Details About The Shockwave Jet Truck's Driver

Chris Darnell Shockwave Jet Truck Driver ( Source : Twitter )

Chris Darnell was a jet truck driver who took his last breath after living his dream due to a crash air show at the Battle Creek Field. 

Darnell was an experienced jet truck driver who had a step up in motorsports. He has made his entire life in the field of sports. The driver has completed his bachelor's degree in marketing, advertising, and promotion from Missouri State University. Later, he started his business in the truck department.

Moreover, Darnell has opened a truck accessory company and named the business 4 Wheel Customs. He has contributed his life to making the fastest truck. The driver worked alongside his father, Neal, and drove Flash Fire and SHOCKWAVE Jet Trucks.

Who Is Brooke Darnell? Chris Darnell Wife

Darnell has tied the knot with his wife, Brooke Darnell. She has made her journey with her husband and stepped up as Co-Crew Chief for the Flash Fire and SHOCKWAVE Jet Trucks. Chris's partner has worked in the footstep of her family members. She has experience in motorsports for around ten years. 

After Brooke's involvement in motorsports, she developed a keen interest in air shows. She has shared her feelings about the faces that she felt priceless after watching Flash Fire go 375 MPH down the runway. After her experience and watching her fans enjoying the Flash Fire, she felt her work worth. 

Previously, Brooke worked as a crew chief for the stock car. Later move to a jet truck. After her spouse approached her crewing for Flash Fire, she captured the opportunity and showed her life passion. Brooke is fond of air show atmosphere. She loved to be around her fans and look at their performances. 

Besides traveling with Flash Fire, Brooke has made her impression as a Kindergarten teacher. However, the support team member is mourning the tragic death of her partner Darnell. Probably, she may be dealing with a painful period of her life. 

Meet Chris Darnell Children On Wikipedia 

Darnell has got gifted with two children. Reese and Taylor are the two daughters of the driver. According to Chris's wifey, they may be the future air show enthusiasts. The youngest daughter has made her future thought in driving the jet truck. 

Furthermore, both of their daughters of Chris want to take in his footstep. Reese and Taylor want to lead their impression in their family profession. Also, Brooke is proud to know about the career choice of her kids. 

Marilyn Darnell and Neal Darnell are the grandparents of the two kids. Neal, their grandfather, is the founder of Shockwave Jet Truck and Flash Fire Jet Trucks. Despite Chris's fame, he has not been featured on Wikipedia.

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Chris Darnell Crash Details; Is He Died In A Accident At Michigan Air Show?

On July 3, 2022, Battle Creek Police Department shared an update on the air show mishap where Chris Darnell died at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival. The driver left the world at age 40. 

Final update for air show accident
Final update for air show accident ( Source : Facebook )

Darnell drove the SHOCKWAVE Jet Truck, which raced over 3000moh down the runway. The field activities had taken place at the Battle Creek Executive Airport, where the diver performed his show. 

Additionally, the tragic crash took place while performing at 1:10 pm, and Darnell died in the accident. Battle Creek Fire, Police, and Federal Aviation Administration officials are investigating the incident. After the devasting incident, the show has got canceled.

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