Bronny James and Girlfriend Peyton Gelfuso's Prom Photos On Instagram

On the Instagram story, Bronny recently uploaded his prom photos with Peyton, who is a girl he is in a relationship with. The internet has erupted with excitement after seeing that photos.

The photos are on the story of Bronny, so it won't last very long. However, the picture has been taken and is being shared across all social media platforms ranging from Instagram to Twitter.

People can see pictures on Bronny official Instagram handle that is available under the name bronny. He has more than 6 million followers and can be seen posting pictures of him and his loved ones having fun times.

People seem to be making positive comments about the teenage couple. They are eager to know more about the relationship between Bronny and Peyton.

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How Long Have The Two Been Dating? - Bronny And Peyton Dating Information

The couple may have been dating for more than 2 years now. However, there is no information accurate information about the couple dating history known to the public. They both are in high school.

People also can find Peyton on Instagram under the handle name peytongelfuso. She has more than 20,000 followers now and it appears that the number is increasing rapidly after Bronny new post.

Bronny is already making a buzz with his talent, not only because of his father's fame. It will be interesting to see how his career will move forward. He certainly has been proving himself to be a very elegant player in his high school.

Soon, he will be in a position to choose his college, and people are wondering where will he go.