Boxing: Adam Balski Age & Wikipedia 

Adam Balski is a 31-year-old boxer.

Adam celebrates his birthday on the 13th of November, born in the year 1990. 

Adam is one of the most popular polish boxers in the junior heavy category, representing the Tymex Boxing promotion group. 

He is also a trainer at KKS Kalisz. 

Adam Balski competed in 39 amateur boxing matches. He won 34 fights and was defeated in 5 duels. 

His most notable amateur achievements were a gold medal in the Polish youth championship in 2010 and a bronze medal in 2009.

In addition, he won a silver medal at the Polish Seniors Championships in 2016.

Adam Balski Net Worth In 2022

Adam Balski has a net worth of almost $1 mill8ion - $5 million. 

He is one of the boxers who has rarely lost a match and which has given him an enormous amount of net worth. 

With every win, he has made a name and fame for himself giving him the amount of wealth he has gained. 

Adam has however never talked about his net worth out in the media and is very much concentrated on his fights rather than talking about his net worth. 

The exact net worth might take some time to come out in the media. 

Does Adam Balski Have A Wife? 

As of now, there are no details of Adam Balski being married or having a wife. 

The fighter is now concentrated on his fights to reach the highest level of fighting. 

Adam has however skipped the talks of his relationship and is likely to be single. 

Adam's Instagram also has no posts and reveals no details about his marital life. 

Adam Balski Nationality-Where Is He From? 

Adam Balski's nationality is Polish. 

He is a Polish fighter who was born in Poland and has the citizenship in Poland.