The Light Heavyweight Boxer Jean Pascal Wife: His Dating Life 

The dating life of Jean Pascal is full of questions mark as the athlete has not mentioned any details about his wife.

The athlete is rarely seen with any female on social media, and the paparazzi have got no clue about his relationship. However, the boxer is a father to a beautiful girl.

Jean has even mentioned his sweet daughter on his Instagram bio as "Father of a Lil Angel." According to the playerswiki, the father-daughter duo was spotted celebrating together in the ring after the victory.

However, Jean does not want to disclose any details about his daughter as security concerns. He has yet to confirm the mother of his daughter and always skips the question on the media.

Who Are The Parents Of Boxer Jean Pascal? 

The boxer, Jean Pascal, has not revealed the name and identity of his parents on social media.

However, his mother used to work as a nurse while his father was s respected politician. Jean had all the support from his family from a young age to flourish in boxing.

Jean's father being a politician, stayed in Haiti their origin. At the same time, the boxer, alongside his mother and brother, moved just outside Montreal for a better future.

Jean was first hooked up to play hockey and soccer. But, Jean's older brother Nicholson Poulard influenced Jean toward boxing after becoming the Quebec Champion.

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 Salary And Career Earning Of Jean Pascal 

The salary and career earnings of Jean Pascal have been made confidential on the web.

The two-time light-heavyweight champion earns a big pay cheque for his display of striking in the ring. According to playerswiki, Jean's net worth is estimated at 4 million US dollars.

Jean, the champion, has a different endorsement program lined up with him. He also gets profited from pay-per-view and match-win bonuses.