Bling Empire Kim Korean Boyfriend Keith Ape aka Dongheon Lee

Keith Ape 28, widely known as Kid Ash is a South Korean rapper who is a member of the crew called 'The Cohort'. His breakout single was ranked in 2015, Billboard K-Town at number five on the K-pop song list. 

Keith has been gaining a popular musical reception, he performed an entertaining concert with Southwest rap among Young thug, Desiigner Waka Flocka Flame, XXX Tentacion, and others. 

He has gained the fame that his music is unrestrained mayhem by The New York Times, he is also a clear inheritor of the aggressiveness of Southern Rap. 

Kim Lee and Keith Ape Breakup Reason

Kim Lee and Keith Ape broke up a both of them seem to be lacking communication in their relationship. Kim stated that Keith does not talk much, and she seems to be the one talking in the relationship. 

However, Keith does not seem to have added comments about his relationship. Thus, there does not seem to be an emotional attachment in their relationship. 

Moreover, there are a lot of fans who support the star of the show Bling, she seems to have won hearts and minds through her charming look and fierce personality. The reprisal of the season brings further information about her boyfriend. 

Kim Lee New Boyfriend 2022

Kim Lee, let's explore her relationship with Kevin Kreider. The two of them had some chemistry thus showrunners are likely to urge her to continue her connection with Kevin.


Kevin Kreider is a talented entrepreneur, he seems to have a knack for business. He is also a fitness freak as seen on his Instagram.  

Kim and Kevin are likely to continue their romance, where they had left off. Likewise, Kim also seem to be excited about the project as she promoted the show on her Instagram page as well.