Was Bison Dele Ever Found?

No, Bison Dele was never found as his body was reportedly thrown in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

His missing news came during his vacation time in the sea with his girlfriend and skipper Bertrand Saldo.

As soon as the news broke out, a sting operation began in the search of the athlete and the other members.

But neither of the three was ever located. No traces of the remains of their dead body was found either.

The situation remains the same to this date.

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Basketball Player Brian Williams Missing: What Happened?

Basketball player Bison Dele, whose actual name was Brian Williams, went missing on his vacation with his girlfriend and friend.

As mentioned on his Wikipedia, he went on for a good time in a private boat with the other two members in the sea.

The other person who was involved in the voyage was Brian's brother, Miles Dabord, and he was the only survivor who came back.

Everyone thought that Dabord killed the three people.

The authorities also began the interrogation process after Dabord was found using his brother's money in secret by forging his signature.

While he was placed in the middle of chaos, Dabord reportedly overdosed on insulin and went into a coma.

He passed away shortly after. In the process, he gave his side of information about the events.

Miles's side of the report said that he and his brother had a fight when Dele's girlfriend was accidentally hit and died after her head struck part of the boat.

Saldo wanted to report it to the police but Bison killed him and Dabord shot his brother in self-defense.

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