Who Is Beau McHattie?

Beau McHattie is the child actor featured in the upcoming series "Under the Banner of Heaven."

McHattie auditioned for the position after obtaining the option to submit via the agency, assuming it was simply for background work.

Beau's background work was canceled, and their representative informed them a few days before filming was to begin. 

After considerable sadness, the agent said that it was canceled because he had earned the larger role of Ron Lafferty's younger son.

Beau McHattie Age: How Old Is He?

According to airdrietoday.com, Beau McHattie is ten years old as of 2022.

Beau McHattie, a child from Langdon, has landed a part as the son of one of the major characters in the upcoming Hulu series, Under The Banner of Heaven.

Beau had to handle his schoolwork while on set on what may have been 10-hour days. He was able to maintain his studies during the filming process thanks to an on-set tutor.

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Parents Of Child Actor Beau McHattie

Jayme McHattie is the mother of Beau McHattie. On the other hand, Beau's father's name is still a mystery.

Beau's mother stated that the furthest they have ever traveled for filming is 40 minutes. His mother observed that he portrayed several really serious parts in his role.

Even though the show features some mature content, Jayme said that the crew always took care to check in on the youngsters on set.

Beau's grandfather became his stage person bringing him to the set and remaining with him all day.

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Does Beau McHattie Have Any Siblings?

Looking at Beau McHattie's mother's Instagram account, it came to light that Beau has an older sister.

The detailed information regarding Beau's siblings might be revealed in the upcoming days.

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