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Me, Author Luica Dana is a high school teacher and one of the member of since 2013. As writing is my hobby i like to write article, poems and story based on literature and fiction.

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Jade McCarthy | Biography

It is the entertainment world of sports and one can never deny the perfection of the looks of Jade McCarthy, who has won the hearts of the sports fans from her outrageous appearance and beautiful pers...Read more

Dylan Dreyer | Biography

The hot, gorgeous, dazzling and superbly talented meteorologist and television personality, Dylan Dreyer has many acclaims in her name and to describe her in words is almost out of question. Her simpl...Read more

Lindsay Czarniak | Biography

With so much of association in the media industry, Lindsay Czarniak with her dazzling smile captivated as the world with her unique and dignified persona. Her charismatic presence and her outstanding ...Read more

Sara Walsh | Biography

The spectacular overviews of the sports could never be complete without the vibrant presenter called Sara Elizabeth Walsh. Her extra ordinary appeal to the public with the outrageously gorgeous presen...Read more

Contessa Brewer | Biography

The super hot and gorgeous television personality of American television industry, Contessa Brewer has been the face of the highly acclaimed MSNBC. She has set the standards of presentation to a diffe...Read more

Tila Tequila | Biography

The hot and gorgeous model and television persona, Tila Tequila is a well- known actor and model of American and Singaporean origin. A well toned body and a mesmerizing cute smile with captivating ide...Read more

By: Dana Luica | Famous People >> Models | Apr 23 2014

Kellie Pickler | Biography

A born talent with vibrancy of looks and divinity of vocals, Kellie Pickler came into fame from television debut and retained her stardom as a country singer and television personality with her effort...Read more

Nancy Shevell | Biography

The hot and gorgeous millionaire, Nancy Shevell is a well-known name for the fans of Beatles and the entertainment world. She is a vibrant and occupied business heir and a wife of the veteran and the ...Read more

Julianna Margulies | Biography

June the 8th of 1966 a day a star was born in Spring Valley, New York to Francesca and Paul Margules. She was named Julianna Luisa Margulies. Her mother was a belly dancer and a teacher and her father...Read more

Tracey Edmonds | Biography

The hot and gorgeous business tycoon of America, Tracey Edmonds is a well-known business person. She has been the acclaimed tycoon of business world from her Edmonds Entertainment group. She also has ...Read more