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Me, Author Luica Dana is a high school teacher and one of the member of since 2013. As writing is my hobby i like to write article, poems and story based on literature and fiction.

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Anne Burrell | Biography

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Ai Miyazato | Biography

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Lorena Ochoa | Biography

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Christina Kim | Biography

The flamboyant and charming, Christina Kim is a well-known name in the field of golfing. She has the very cute presence of smile and energy and keeps the faith on the game with her talent and skill. B...Read more

Yani Tseng | Biography

The unpredictable and brilliantly talented, Yani Tseng is a prestigious name in the field of golfing. She with her outrageous fashion statements and outclassed skills has maintained a special spot in ...Read more

Annika Sorenstam | Biography

The much acclaimed and talented, gorgeous looking Annika Sorenstam, is a highly praised professional golfer. She has many records in her name, as is one of the most successful golfing celebrities of t...Read more

By: Dana Luica | Famous People | Mar 30 2014

Lexi Thompson | Biography

The flamboyant and elegant sports person of the United States of America, Lexi Thompson is a recognized figure of the golf championships. Known as Lexi her full name is Alexis Thompson. She has very h...Read more

Sandra Gal | Biography

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Cristie Kerr | Biography

The elegantly smart and beautiful, Cristie Kerr is a well-known golfer of the United States. She has played for the LPGA tour and has registered 16 wins in her acclaim. Being honored as the top golfer...Read more