Crime Junkie: Details On Ashley Flowers And Brit Prawat's Relationship

Crime Junkie's host duo Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat are longtime best friends and they are both heavily inclined to surf through the depths of hauntingly spooky and chilling crime cases.

They started off in the show when it debuted in December of 2017 and since then have been inseparable.

Their podcast has been liked and cherished by their massive global fans and thereby they have surpassed over 500 million downloads while boasting 630 stories and nearly $630k in charity donations.

As their official podcast site tells, Ashley Flowers is a founder and CEO of AudioChuck, where they cover both scripted and unscripted crime stories.

Ashley is a graduate of Arizona State University with a biomedical degree and then she was enrolled in the University of Notre Dam Genetic Research wing.

Brit Prawat was the actual mastermind behind the formulation of the podcast.

She is a keen devotee of the details behind the incidents and crime tales and grew up watching America's Most Wanted.

What Happened To Brit Prawat? 

Brit Prawat is currently missing from the Crime Junkie podcast following her brief brain surgery.

Brit suffered from a blood clot that led to multiple brain surgery and she has been taking some rest following the medical complication that she incurred.

Brit was wished for a speedy recovery by her podcast host Ashley Flowers who shared a virtual card link to share dear wishes to Brit during her medical assignments and surgeries.

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Explore Details On Brit Prawat's Illness And Surgery Report

Brit Prawat developed a blood clot in her brain and had to undergo multiple brain surgeries in the past weeks.

She has been missing from her Crime Junkie podcast show and Ashley has notified fans about her absence and asked everyone to pray for her speedy recovery.