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The beautiful diva of the television from her exceptional talent has ruled the media attention from her spectacular performances and accordance. She is none other than the fabulous Zain Verjee, a Canadian–Kenyan Television personality. She has been affiliated with the CNN network and is famed by her breakthrough journalism for the network. She is seen presenting her anchoring skills in the CNN show called World One and performs her news reading in The Situation Room as well as Your World Today for CNN itself. The divine charisma and her outspoken correspondence is the top rating performance she delivers on screen. Getting to the root of the subject and making the audience believe in her influential endeavors has made her one of the best interpreter of the media and news faculty.


She step foot on this world in February 11 of 1974 in Kenya. She was raised in the Kenyan suburbs with black ethnicity and her religion was Ismaili Muslim. Being born in a conservatively strict family, she had the early idealism for getting free from the conservativeness and has the freedom of rights exercised. She had the love for the media and journalism and was diverged in the field from her early age. She completed her under graduation from McGill University majoring in English. She had a fluent English speaking skill, which meant to be the plus point in her career.


Her kick off career started from joining the CNN network for news reading for the Kenyan Television Network based in Nairobi. While her career was in her early start, she had the opportunity to show her talent by covering Agra Summit with the veteran Prime Minister and President of India and Pakistan, the Middle East Violence, the September 11 attacks, the festival of Muslims Hajj and the invasion of Iraq. The major historical events covered by her made her the best of the media presenters and her fame skyrocketed. Her mesmerizing talent to get the reporting of high level news occurrences and the quality to present it to the mass with her exceptional correspondence has always been well received and appreciated. Apart from the political campaigns she has been presenting, she also is associated with the financial news, which includes the African business scenario for the show Inside Africa. She provides the deep analysis of the business occurrences and gets her reporting of the ongoing affairs of the financial world to the public. Her working propositions has varied from stations, from the likes of CNN based networks to Korean DMZ where she formulated her reporting in July of 2006. Her most acclaimed performance for the television reporting and presentation came she did an expressive interrogation with Mohammed Khatami the former Iranian President and made her mark to the international scenario. Her fame never stayed the same and she rose as a well-known television celebrity.


Apart from her breathtaking television interpretations, she is also a religious person with her faith in Ismaili Muslim and even has her pilgrimage to the historical Muslim venue called the Mecca. She believes that travelling to the holy place, as a pilgrim would make her leave the Holy city and get her indulgence to the place of divinity. The soulful experiences she garnered while the pilgrimage helped her to sustain her fame and celebrity status. She is the publisher of Live & On the Air, which is, a book related to the small child groups. In the book, she reveals the hardship that she related to as a young child making travels to extend her horizons of dreams and making it big in the broadcasting scene. She has been the producer of radio awareness which is a charitable effort concerned to the social welfare relating with the lethal diseases like the HIVB/AIDS, Hepatitis B and Polio.


In her career with so many struggles in reporting the vital news, she also has been attacked and bruised. This did not stop the hard-hitting journalist from her work and made her even more capable and strong to face the violent scenario. She reported of having psoriasis her childhood but recovered from the disease and this is what led her to eradicate the unusual health hazards from the word. Her triumphs have supported her finances with a heavy salary and she has a commendable net worth to live a luxurious life. Her gorgeous body structure with slender legs and infatuating persona is irrationally apprehensive.


The fact about Zain Verjee affair with any boyfriend and her marriage is not published to the media and she is neither married nor divorced as the media speculates. As it is, still not in the news as if she has adopted any children or not.


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