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Jacqui Jeras, one of the popular meteorologists of present times is currently working at WJLA-TV. Growing up, she had always thought of becoming a weather forecaster, seemed like she knew what she wanted from the early years of her life. In 1992, she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Iowa State University. She was an outstanding student back then, her dedication and hard work earned her ISU’s “Outstanding Young Alumnus Award”. Besides, she is also a certified broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University.

After her graduation, she tried her luck at few stations. She had worked with several channels in her early days. Jeras kicked off her career at KCAU-TV. After a while, she made a quick move to WEHT-TV and then to WHO-TV. She didn't stay long with any of these places because her ambitious mind had not yet found her best deal as of yet. As she was waiting for better opportunity to come along, her work experience kept on adding and made her more desirable as an employee. Finally, after a long wait, she got an offer from one of the highly regarded and respected channels of today’s time, CNN to work as their weather anchor and meteorologist. It was after she received the seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society.

She had covered several natural disasters and other significant events for CNN. During Hurricane Katrina, she showed her real passion for her work, she straight up spent eighty four hours on air covering Hurricane and its aftermaths. As a result, CNN was awarded Peabody Award for its fantastic coverage. In 2007, she also received the Mark Trail Award from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Apart from that, her other notable coverage included Joplin EF5 Tornado, and Snowmageddon. She stayed and worked with CNN for almost 13 years long. During her tenure, she forecasted, researched, produced and prepared on-camera weather and science segments for CNN’s domestic network. Finally, after such long association with the channel, she decided to take a leap and joined WJLA-TV.

Talking about her personal biography, she is a married woman and has a family to look after. She is married to her long term boyfriend, Mike who is an Iowa State graduate in aerospace engineering. She and her husband had met each other during their college years. They both are in opposite profession but has highest amount of support and understanding for each other. Their relationship has been on the smooth track and the two are far less likely to divorce for any reason. They are also the proud parents of two children who they named Aurora, age six and Ashton, age three. Jeras definitely is an ambitious person and has the highest regard for her profession, but she is equally a loving wife and mother at heart. Mean while she is enjoying a happy feet with a loving family by her side.

A mother of two and still she manages to look smoking hot. Normally, people after pregnancy start taking themselves for granted. But it’s not the case with Jeras. She got pregnant twice and came back to her normal shape effortlessly. It’s about the image and television personality specially cannot overlook that fact. She has done a marvelous job in that department. The leggy beauty also knows how to flaunt her assets and look desirable on screen. She has earned herself few fans and admirers over the years who appreciate her for her anchoring abilities and her personality.

The award winning meteorologist, Jacqui has accomplished great heights in her career. She has established herself as one of the hardworking and finest weather caster of present times. More information about her can be obtained from wiki and other sites relating her. She can also be followed at her twitter account. 


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