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The hunk of the television industry, Todd Santos is regarded as one if the most influential characters of the small screen. He has the ability to connect with his audience and give away the scintillating facts about the weather with humor and space. A sailor and skier with hobby he is a profound meteorologist. Born in Bristol, RI of the United States of America, he was bond to take up meteorology. His love with the nature and its fascinating phenomena is captivated in his mind from very early days. He was an adventurous kid from his childhood. His hobbies included travelling and the concept of approaching meteorology came on his mind from early childhood.


With so much of experience in sailing and other extreme sports, he was used to the extremity of the weather conditions as well.  He did his graduation from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He did B.S in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. He was a strong student and a very talented kid of the block in his early days of studies. After the completion of his studies, his job experiences included many job variations. His attaining the degree in meteorology basically was for offshore forecasting. He worked as an intern for ABC 6 based in Providence, RI when he was 24 years old. Analyzing the atmospheric changes was his key responsibility back then. He also has an online weather consultancy named the online analysis and evaluation of the weather and reporting it through his blog was a well-appreciated approach he had had his efforts in. he is currently working for The Weather Channel.


The strong and motivated Santos had an early upbringing of his career initiative. Being firmly convicted to the field of meteorology he had the dreams of making it big and it did not go in vain. The adventurous kid in the block turned into an ongoing television personality and weather expert of the television industry. His basics of going through variable amounts of workstations and keep his calmness bound to him is a special attribution of him. Apart from working his key hang out remains sailing endlessly and he wishes to sail around the world if provided with an opportunity. In addition, the other hobby being skiing for which he loves the Cannon in New Hampshire, Vail, Squaw and Kirkwood. He also loves surfing and biking. For his contribution in the weather broadcasting, he has been honored with AMS Seal of Approval. He is an on-m camera meteorologist in the station The Weather Channel. He is working for the WIVB-TV for Buffalo News where he delivered the experience of news casting and talking about the weather now a day.


The highly qualified meteorologist and news anchor, he has great pleasure in covering the storms and nature disasters from the place it started. His on occasion coverage of the epic weather hazards has been appreciated and followed by most of his counterparts. Being one of the best in the business, he is an American meteorologist and has an American nationality. He was born to a white descent with not much in his comfort in his hay days. The struggling childhood turned the dedicated Santos into being somebody that is fabulously talented and approached by many of the high-level television industry. His salary seems to be sky rocketing due to his endeavors. This has certainly led his net worth beyond imagination. However, he likes to keep his personal details to himself. His privacy is well occupied and happily sustained. He is not obsessed to the media attention and wants to live his life in simple conformity.


Todd Santos a weather expert has many things going on in his on- screen life. His works are highly praised and the weather analysis is commendable. He loves to chase storms and track hurricanes. He is a married man with a lovely wife. The name of his wife and children is not given away to the media. He loves to live his life with his family in a very proficient and happy way. The happy couple is not speculated to be in the verge of getting divorce. As his likes include to travel with his family members and facilitate himself with a responsibility of anchoring and weather forecasting.


He also has in his name the Crossword franchise. He created the highly acclaimed franchise to render his name as a service provider to the society. However, much about his life and bio is not yet published in the wiki and the information regarding him is scarcely found in the web.


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