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Remembered as one of the prominent Meteorologist of her times with two decades of experience in broadcasting, Sharon Resultan is a name reckoned by all as a favorite. She had the style, the talent, the persona, the charm and much over the talent to be what she deserved to be. Matching up with her would just be something out of quest to many of the female anchors on the same field. A very confident and likely so pretty, she was an achiever rather than just a mere dreamer.


Born in Toledo, Ohio in February of 1965, Resultan was a child of American natives. She was very outgoing from her early stage, which was something much emphasized by her supporting pare4nts. Being born to a white descent, she gradually spent her childhood days in happiness and fun. She was tom boyish in nature while she was a child and this made her prompt to too many challenging scenarios early on, which she confidently accepted. Likely having interest in stage performances, she took up chemistry and earth science which was to help her in her future in career accomplishments. She attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IA where she got her B.S in Atmospheric Science. With much of the interests in nature and its activities, she went on to excel in the field by being enrolled in whatever came first. She was very determined tom start off early and even worked as an intern for most of the television shows where she perfected her skills in weather analyzing, reporting, researching and working on field. Much of her class and stamina proved out as she landed for her first job as a weather reporter for WSAW-TV based in Wausau, WI. The talent and hard work paid off and she had something serious going on. She then moved to South Bend, IA tom takeover as a weather reporter in the television channel WNDU-TV.


Her career upbringing smoothly retaliated with her style and talent. Most of her morning shows kept her charm alive and the noon shows depicted her versatility. She had gone through many of the strangely hazardous weather changes in her career. The likes of which were very trembling and outrageously severe. She reminisces her experience in 1978 Ohio snowstorm as one of the most intense and nerve racking scenario she had ever been in and is still alive in her conscious state of mind. After long running career in the field of weather reporting and broadcasting she finally got the approach from The Weather Channel. Being on camera meteorologist for weekdays she had the dream spot she desired throughout her career. Her fame did the rest as she prospered in her reality television shows. Her career came to a shocking outbreak when she decided to take a leave from the TWC station. This decision was very shocking and the audience was surprised to see it coming. The link with The Weather Channel ended with the ending of her contract in 2007.


The economy being the key factor for her stepping down of the station while others regarded as she was fired from the station. This fake havoc may have consumed most of the viewers but it will not stop the hot blonde dame down. She had already prospered from her affiliations throughout her career. Her salary might have been in highs and lows but she had collected her fortunes and her net worth is sure to be credible enough to her status and style.


Sharon Resultan hot toned body, deep eyes and captivating figure with long sleek legs and feet is something unforgettable to the viewers and her fans. She had it all and yet was so simple and smooth going that most of the other television celebs would not relate to. She has been married with two children. Her husband is supportive to her decisions whether it be career improvisations or the family planning. She was pregnant with a son and a daughter and she named her son Sam. The couple enjoys the free time indulging in many extracurricular activities. She loves to ride and travel. Apart from it her likes include photography and horticulture as well as she loves cooking and baking. Her complete bio is not yet published by wiki but much of her summarized information can be found in the internet.


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