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Supreme Court reporter as well as the anchor of America’s News Headquarters for FOX network, Shannon Bream is an American journalist for the FOX news channel. She was born on Tallahassee, Florida in 23 December 1970. Her mother Marie Norris was a teacher and father Ed DePuy was a Leon county commissioner.


Bream was sent to North Florida Christian High School in Tallahassee from where she graduated in 1988. During her school she used to help her mother for renovating houses. She was an attendant of Liberty University of Lynchburg, Virginia from where she graduated in 1992 with a degree in business. During her university year, she entered beauty pageant competition and won the title of Miss Virginia 1990. She also participated in Miss America pageant a year later and made it up to top 10 finalists. As she was one of the bright student and also a pageant winner, maximum of her education fees and fares were sponsored by her scholarship awards.  She graduated in 1993 from the university and joined the law school at Florida State University. During her law school year, she was titled 1994 Miss Florida USA pageant and was contestant in 1995 Miss USA pageant and finished up at fourth place. After her graduation, she began her law career at Tampa with main focus and priority at sexual harassment cases. She was attorney for many such cases at Tampa.


After working and practicing for three years in a law firm, she suddenly got disinterested in law and by 2000, her facultative career was changed. She took a cut in salary and worked with a local news director as an intern. She then went through a leap and started as an overnight scriptwriter for the ABC News affiliate, WFTS-TV at Tampa. Her obsession with television made her work as a lawyer by day and an intern at the TV station by night. The year 2001, made Bream move to North Carolina .she worked for CBS affiliate, WBTV as an evening and late night news reporter at Charlotte. She shared three years of her working experience with the channel serving at the same post. She then left WBTV to join NBC affiliate, WRC-TV at Washington. She worked as a weekend anchor and was responsible for covering general assignment for WRC from 2004 to 2007. At near end of 2007, Bream was noticed by managing editor of FOX news Washington who encouraged her for audition and by November 2007, Shannon Bream was appointed as Washington –based correspondent reporting from Supreme Court. She has recently covered the 2013 Supreme Court ruling of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8. She is also responsible for the coverage of Supreme Court ruling of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2012. She alsocovered stories on nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor and Guantanamo Bay detainees hearing in 2008. She is the first female speaker for commencement at Liberty University.


Shannon Bream is married to her high school boyfriend Sheldon Bream. The couple was both attendant of Liberty University and had been seeing each other for many years. She is very much close and understandingly compatible with her husband and is very much serious about her relationship with him that divorce issue is unlikely to be raised, however they don’t have any children yet. She is not even reported to be pregnant at the moment which concludes her focus on her career.


This mesmerizingly beautiful lady is very much praised for her beauty and complexion. Her glowing eyes gets every of her viewer hypnotized on screen. Her tall height of five feet and seven inches leaves her with very sexy and stunning image. Despite of being at her forties, she has maintained her charm and her age cannot be speculated more than twenty-five just by looking at her physique. She has managed her figure through workouts and diet plan and is always dressed in a classy manner showing of her long legs impressively.


Her transition in career led her through a rough way but her faith on herself made her stand in between people. Though she experienced many let downs and was also fired by one of her boss during her initial phase of TV career, she now is one of the highly paid journalist of America with a huge net worth. She has got many fans admiring her charm and beauty across the globe, she maintains a very soothing relation with them through twitter and wiki.


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