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As dynamic personality with deviant face and a smile that actually mesmerized the television industry by the media interpretation of weather forecasting, Paul Goodloe gave a hobby a different name. Some say there could be no weathermen to tell the crowd where the wind blew better than he did. He had the quality of persuading the audience by his style and influential accent that stood out the most. An American Meteorologist with profession he made weather forecasting a different way of presenting viewers with what they were to witness.


He was born in New Rochelle, NY in the United States of America. As a boy, he was much interested in the changing weather patterns and the origin of it. He loved to ski and snowboard. Apart from it, his hobbies included golf, tennis and above all travelling. The passion of travelling and getting to know the nature much more close took him to become an inspirational weatherman. He loved to listen to Jazz and likely the taste of Hip Hop, R&B and soul music back in his school days. Coming from native of black society he did not conflicted into any racism. He stood out of it and had his terms of visualizations of the reality going on strong. He loves Notorious B.I.G, Prince, Jay Z, Lil Wayne many other R&B artists, which connected with his taste the most. He did is under graduation in Austin from University of Texas. He received his Master’s degree from University of California in Berkeley in the field of Climatology. Being a professional from the beginning of his career as an expert in weather provisions, he an outstanding personality to grow from the under- privileged black society he belonged from.


He was a born meteorologist as it can be seen from his love and passion towards the field. Being a graduate in Climatology, he was fully aware about the changing weather phenomena and certainly knew how to outcast it by weather reporting. He initially started from KSDK-TV and went on to another weather series in KRIV-TV, which also paved him ways into KSBY-TV where he located and varied his weather forecasting experiences. After in 1999 he placed himself as a prominent weather forecaster for The Weather Channel. He enjoys as a reporter in Weather Centre Live currently. The completion of a well stood out career that enhanced his talents in the field of climatology. A dedication that paid off, as he says about the interest in Meteorology, his love to talk about the weather and his strength in convincing the audience to relate to him for which he gets paid. A tall dark and handsome figure of the television crossing over every genre to convince them about the weather was a phenomenal achievement of him. He is the member of American Meteorologist Society along with The National Weather Association and also in link as a member in The National Association of Black Journalists. He also got featured in The Times Magazines as 50 most beautiful people of the times.


Nothing pays off more than your hard work and he proves it completely right. A bright figure with a hot physique, he has a milestone of fan following where it comes to taking his shirt of and stripping shirtless among his audience. The prevalent way in reporting the likes of the weather and still focused on his work with a sense of undeniable style of perfection as it is posing shirtless or with well-mannered persona inside the newsroom keeps him dynamic. His smile was something to die for which is charismatic as it appears in on screen.


On screen, Paul Goodloe has a different reputation a weather analyst and researcher but off the screen the diabolically cute anchor and the co-host has a different perspective of life. He likes to keep his personal life private, as it should be. After the long running relationship with Rebecca, he is said to be married with her. The long dating schedules and love between the coup0le was finally compromised into a bond. He along with his wife, a former girlfriend had no children yet. The couple, as speculated is living happily and there is no anything as divorce to come between them. The complete4 information about his life and the biography is not been published in the wiki but other sites provide the information about his work accomplishments. As from the reputated job and compassion of the work his net worth and salary is not published out to the media but it seems he is content with it.


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