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One of the best known television personalities relating with the sport casting of the Sports entertainment Pam Oliver is a well known diva of the American television industry. She has been in the field reporting from her start of a career as a reporter of the sporting events and has been greatly admired and accepted for her brilliance in the profession. Her hot and dazzling presence and her ethnicity belonging with the black decency have made her popular among all, of the mass in the world and have created the criticizing effect on the racist of the world. She has a fascinating facial structure and a great built physique, apart from it the best thing she makes count is the communicative skill of the presentation of the sporting events she broadcasts from the field of the event. She has been a great influence to the female gender of sportscaster because of her provocative reporting and analysis of the events and the tournaments. Her association with the NBA affiliated basketball and Football leagues have garnered her with a reputation of a celebrity of the television industry.


She felt the first verge of existence in Dallas of Texas and was born to an Air Force Fighter for the United States of America. Since her father belonged to the profession of Air force she continuously had to change settlements and had the chance to travel in new places I her early childhood. Having least of friends as she continuously changed places, she did have the interest in sports as a child. When her other mates used to enjoy watching the children shows, she spent most of the time watching the sports events. This influenced her and grew her enthusiasm in the sport events from the basic childhood days. Her interest then grew up to become her career as a commentator and a sports illustrator in the future to come. She moved from Texas to Michigan, Washington,, California and finally settled in Florida. She got raised in Florida and was a student of Niceville High School based in Niceville of Florida and completed her high School graduation. I her high school days she enrolled in sports like Tennis, Basketball, track and field. She then attended Florida A&M University and delivered her sporting experience by competing in Track an attaining All-American in 400 meter and a mile riley tournament. She finally completed her studies in graduation majoring in Broadcast Journalism earning a degree of Bachelor in the year 1984. After her studies she had to enroll herself to job opportunities and it was not that hard for the talented and gracious diva to get involved in the profession of the broadcasting and reporting.


She started off her career as a reporter and a news analyst from WALB based in Albany of Georgia and her broadcasting initiative took off from the year 1985. She garnered experience in the field of the sector she was qualified in and then went on to join WAAY-TV, which was located in Huntsville, Alabama of America. Spending a year in WALB network, she joined WAAY-TV the very next year and did her responsibility of broadcasting and field reporting of the sporting events. She kept changing her job options as she did in her childhood changing settlements. This did help her initiate a professional experience and as well as garner the recognition from the viewers of all over the place of the United States. She joined WIVB-TV based in Buffalo of the New York City in the year 1988. After spending two years I the network, she then got approached by WTVT, which was located in Tampa of Florida and had the opportunity to be the anchor of the sports illustrated show o the small screen. After been a recognizable figure of the network, she left to join KHOU-TV based in Houston and based her responsibility in anchoring of the sporting events. Having favored by several of the networks, she finally got the opportunity to be employed in the famed sports channel, ESPN and was celebrated as a phenomenal live sport caster of the network. She has been linked with other networks like Fox Sports in the year 1995 and performs her responsibility of sidelined reporting of the events and in the year 2005 she got approached by TNT for the same responsibility of reporting. Being liked with several of the networks, she has garnered a commendable salary and has been acclaimed Outstanding Woman in Journalism by Ebony in 2004.


Pam Oliver hot presence in screen and her sessions of flaunting swimsuits and bikini flaunting her gorgeous measurements has been creating buzz until now. She has not made her personal affairs about her boyfriend or her husband of married publicly published to the media. She can be followed in her twitter account.


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