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The hot and gorgeous media personality related with the field of journalism, Mika Brzezinski is a well-famed American journalist and anchor. She has the gorgeous looks and the skillful representation style that attracts the mass and plants the influence in their mind. With long years in the business and reporting, she has been well acclaimed personality with a high profile celebrity status. In her career, she has been linked with several of the networks including MSNBC, CBS and many others.


She breathed her first air of existence in May 2 of 1967 in New York of New York City in United States of America. She was born to Zbigniew Brzezniski and Emile Anna Benesova. She has a mixed decency of Polish-Czech ethnicity from her parents. Her decency from her mother’s side relates her with Czechoslovakian former president Edvard Benes. Being from a reputed family background, she had a prosperous life as a child. Her father was elected as the National Se3curity Advisor by the former president of America Jimmy Carter and her brother was ambassador for Sweden representing the United States. With so many famed members of the family, she had the influences to set it big in her future from her early age. She was a student in The Madeira School attending as a high schooling student and completed her graduation from Williams College based in Williamstown of Massachusetts majoring in English in 1989.


After completion of her studies, she firmly related hr basic interest in journalism and worked for ABC network assisting in World News This Morning in the year 1990. Garnering her experiences, she then transferred to WTIC-TV located in Hartford of Connecticut, which was a network based from Fox affiliation. Her experiences with the network prospered her talents in assigning and featuring reporting analysis. She kept changing her working place as she prospered in her growth as a journalist and had the required practice of her foundation. She moved WFSB-TV in Hartford affiliated to CBS network in 1992. Her vibrancy and communicational skills led her to be the host of the network show in 1995. She then was approached by the CBS network for anchoring CBS News and based herself in correspondence and advising responsibility for the network in 1997 for the news portal called Up to the Minute. She served for a long period being linked with the CBS network and then in 2000 joined MSNBC as a host for Homepage supported by Gina Gaston and Ashleigh Banfeild. The trio created a sensational overview and had themselves described as Power puff Girls of Journalism.


She then moved back to the CBS network in 2001 and had her breakthrough in her career by reporting the September 11 attack of 2001 with the live on location coverage of the news. The devastation caused by the attacks was featured with her brilliance in the way of reporting and hosting. She has been involved with the network in major breaking news portals and as a correspondent relating with the news and reporting. She has been in CBS Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes and other shows. After being affiliated with the network, she was eventually fired from the network with the reason not published to the media. She then rejoined MSNBC in 2007 and did the hosting of Up To The Minute along with MSNBC Live, NBC Nightly News and Weekend Today. She has been related with Morning Joe and her father has been a recurring guest foe the show.


With her progressive approach to the journalism field, she has also been linked with protesting for trivial journalism. Hr hard hitti9ng protest and presentation of the factual news has been well appreciated by the mass. The incident when she refused to read the entertainment based issue over the hard breaking news related with the war in Iraq was the most appreciated formulation of protest as a tactful and responsible journalist. She has been the hot news anchor and her salary of $2 million has made her net worth commendable. She has also written books like All Things at Once published in 2010, Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth.


Mika Brzezinski has been married James Hoffer after having a long time affair. Her husband is also related with the journalism field. The couple has been blessed with two daughters. The couple has not been divorced yet. With her growing age her beauty and her most appreciated long legs has still been the talk of the town. With commendable feet and mesmerizing body measurements, she has been one of the best reporters and a television personality. She can be followed in her official twitter account.


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