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BBC’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet was born in 24 December 1958 in Bathurst Canada. She is of Irish and Migmaw ancestry. A native of New Brunswick this lady is a multi lingual with fluent English and French and less fluency in Persian accent.

Doucet was attendant of Queens University at Kingston during 1980. She used to write for the university’s newspaper during her year at queens. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree from the university. She then attended university of Toronto and earned her master’s degree in International relation in 1982. She worked as a four- month volunteer English teacher for Canadian crossroads international. She is also one of the honorary patrons there at the present time. She started working as a freelancer for Canadian media and NNC in 1989. She worked for five long year and eventually acquired long term career with BBC. She at first was reporter based in Pakistan in 1988 and reported from Kabul in 1989 covering soviet troop withdrawal. For four long years, she travelled from Islamabad to Iran and then to Afghanistan as a BBC correspondent. She presented Amman during 1994 and was based on Jerusalem from 1995 to 1999. She again came on front of BBC team though she reported from her working area during 1999. During 2003 war, she reported from Amman Jordan and Iraq. This woman has also interviewed various people like president of Syria, Basher al-Assad; the UN’s outgoing secretary general Kofi Annan and many other political personnel. She was one of the major reporters of BBC during 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah. She reported the South Asia earthquake of 2005 and also the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Her courage of 2008 cyclone Nargis in Burma was quoted very much sensational. This award winning anchor also covered the story of September 11 attack. This woman is also an active member of Acadian World Congress.


This pretty woman was nominated for Royal Television Society Award in 2003. She won Silver Sony Award 2003 for interviewing Yasser Arafat and also remembered for being single reporter to associate with the Afghan President Hamid Karzai during his brother’s wedding. This pretty woman was also honored with Peabody and David Bloom Award in 2010 for her work in Afghanistan. She was crowned 2007 International Television Personality of the Year by Association of International Broadcasting. Awarded by the organization Women in Film and television this woman was honored with honorary doctorate in civil law from King’s College and honorary Doctor of Letters by New Brunswick University. She also received many other honorary doctorates from other various Universities.


Quoted as ‘ ’Ebullient ” and “ Great  fun ” by BBC World Affairs editor John Simpson, Lyse Doucet is one of the brilliant Canadian Correspondent  worth each and every honor given. This lady has kept her profile very low about her personal life. This catholic woman was once mistaken for being Jewish which she strictly opposed saying unconventional statement. Not reported to be married yet, no news has been traced about her husband and dating history. Currently at her fifties, this lovely lady is described as one of the passionate personality of BBC by her colleagues as she was born in order to be a reporter. Her admiration, curiosity has well presented that she is a woman who is well qualified to be an excellent journalist of time.


In the year 2014, she has covered the Syrian war effect and consequences. Also, her documentaries regarding the teen kids who really suffered from the war is so breathtaking and misery.


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