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Laura Ingraham was born in 19 June, 1964 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Estranged from her brother earlier because of his homo sexuality, Laura is one of the versatile and multi talented female political speakers of U.S. and acclaimed as a bestselling author and most popular radio host.


This host lady attended Dartmouth College on 1985 and graduated with her Juries Doctor degree from University of Virginia School of Law. She started her career before completing her graduation as a staff member of the independent conservative newspaper “TheDartmouth Review”. She also worked as a speechwriter for the domestic policy advisor at Ronald Regan administration. She also served for Judge Ralph K. Winter, Jr. of U.S Supreme Court of Appeals and Clearance Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court of Justice. Laura tried to get in TV broadcasts in late 90s. She worked as CBS commentator and hosted MSNBC’s “Watch It!” but failed to come into light. She then launched her own talk show in 2001, currently distributed by Talk Radio Network. Besides being a political writer and radio host, she is also an acclaimed author. Her published book like “Power to the People”, “The Obama Diaries”, “Of Thee Izing” is some New York Times best selling books. Estimated net worth of around $45 million, she is described to be better than the best. Impressively hot and beautiful at her age of forty nine, this woman has achieved a very great career height.


Reported to be single yet, Laura Ingraham does not have any husband. Engaged to conservative author Dinesh D’Souza previously, the couple split up in early 90s and did not get married. She then dated New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli. Her relationship with him also broke shortly and then she got engaged to businessman James V. Reyes. The couple called off their wedding date after Laura confessed having breast surgery. Since then, they remained as good friends. At present she lives with her three adopted children in Washington D.C.


This beautiful woman of tall height is enjoying happy feet currently and is much followed in twitter. Her fans can also find her on wiki too.


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