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Incredibly hot and bold in red outfit, Jennifer Carfagno aka Jen spreads her supernatural power among her viewers while presenting herself on the electrical display. Currently associated with weather channel, TWC, she is one of the sexy bombshells of news channel.


Magnificently beautiful and breath taking pretty Jen attended Perkiomen Valley High School in Collegeville, PA for her schooling. As she was born and brought up in the same surrounding, it was very much easy for her to catch up with the studies and exploit her curiosity about the nature especially weather. Though initially dreamt of being a pilot someday, the fire of being a meteorologist was soon ignited inside young Jen during her schooling years. She was highly thrilled by the idea of knowing about the weather more closely and getting on the TV screen as a weather reporter. The everyday forecast of weather on TV and radio made her more and more inclined towards weather. Due to her this fascination, she had got psychrometer during her school days. As she was made the life guard of school’s swimming pool during her senior years, she used to experiment with the instrument checking the dew point of pool. After finishing her school, she joined University of Pennsylvania for higher studies on weather.  She earned her B.S. degree in meteorology and joined the popular weather channel, TWC as a n intern. She was in-charged for presenting the weekend show on air and during her internship there she got to know the clear vision of how exactly the weather works. Her better instinct let her make more accurate forecast which added her plus point for her career push. More in favor of GFS model of technology of forecasting weather than Euro computer model for meteorological survey, this bright lady was appointed officially by the channel as a weather meteorologist in 1997. Crediting her school teachers and her obsession with clouds for her successful career, she accomplished her study tenure with Penn State University in 1998. She also earned the Robert O. Cole Award in 1997 which encouraged her very much for better performance in her professional life. Currently anchoring shows like Weekend View, Your Weather Today and Wake Up with Al, her working hours starts at 2:24 am each day. Her amazing fineness in forecasting weather has made her one of the celebrated news personality among her viewers. Her presentation skill of news and shows; sometimes special programs on network, make her fan go crazy for her. She admits of being absolutely in love with nature; and states weather forecasting is the ultimate passion of her life. This dazzling beauty of five feet five inches height presents oneself in tiny fitted skirt showing off her stunning pair of legs and pretty feet on the television. This can be another reason for her increasing number of fans but despite of her older age, this appealing hottie with American nationality manages to look very young and lively every time.


Jen Carfagno is Married to her boyfriend Neil, this lovely lady sounds to be very much happy and bonded to her family. Mother of two daughters, Kelly and Natalie, she was recently rumored to had been pregnant with her third child. The news was later confirmed to be fake one. Deeply in love with her husband, the couple doesn’t seem to go any near of issues like divorce for longer years. Craving to spend time with her family, this beautiful lady loves gardening and assembles with her husband to cut grass together. She even has got two mowers in her home as both the couple wants to work together. The affectionate and caring duo might have been struck by a cupid arrow somewhere before that they romantically shares every morning and evening walks and jogging with each other along with their daughters. Although Jen is very health conscious person, she adores running during warmer weather condition only, and it was revealed by herself that she favors running around joggers park whenever she feels tensed and stressed. She is also a vivid photographer and enjoys creating digital photo album capturing every moments which she thinks is important and could be memorable some day. Loathing the idea of breaking relation with one’s spouse on small issues and disagreements, Jen can be titled as a loving mother, ideal wife and a marvelous anchor.


Sometimes founded as a visiting lecturer in schools, she is also a member of Chi Epsilon Pi Honor Society. Much followed and loved in social networking site, her bio is listed in TWC’s official site and wiki is also in process of creating a page on her biography.


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