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Heather Tesch is an earning good salary from her current network as American television meteorologist who was born to American parents on 2nd May, 1967 at Buffalo Minnesota. She is a Native American who has spent more than a decade reporting the weather phenomenon. She is currently associated with the weather channel (TWC) which she joined in January 1999.


She was born and grew up in Minnesota who spent most of her childhood there. As it was always cold and snowy in Minnesota, she does not like winter and no matter what the weather was, she had to walk to school every day. She was a brilliant student from her early year. She is B.S. degree holder regarding meteorology from Plymouth state of college. Then she attended university of Minnesota and completed her B.A. in journalism and broadcast. As soon as she completed her study she started to pursue her dreams. She always had a strong aspiration to become a successful television meteorologist.


She began her career as a television anchor and was assigned to cover stories on waste administration for a local news channel in young age. She did it for a while but later she quit. She got interested in meteorology as she was more fascinated by the weather. Initially, she joined WPXTV to carry out her job as an on camera meteorologist. After that she began her career as an on-camera meteorologist, she went to WGME-TV at Portland, Maine. She was also associated with WGAL-TV at Lancaster, Pennsylvania and WCCO-TV at Minneapolis. She admits that working for the ‘The Weather Channel’ had been a great opportunity for her and that it too broadened her knowledge about so many other things. She was associated with the weather channel in 1999 and then she had spent almost 14 years informing the viewers about daily weather. She has presented the report of a hurricane, flooding, and many natural disasters that occurs every year. She has been always given her best in giving alerts to the general public about the possible natural calamity and its consequences. Because of talent and hard working nature she cannot be fired from any organizations rather she needs to be promoted.


The weather channel reporter Heather Tesch is married having two children, one son and one daughter. She has not even dream of her divorce because she love her husband and family very much. She and her family are currently residing at Atlanta. She is private about her personal life and does not want anybody’s interference in her personal life. Heather is fond of animals and playing with animal is the best hobby. There is an interesting fact about her life. In April 2011 in Georgia, due to sudden outbreaks of Tornado, a kitten was dispossessed. Heather fostered the kittens and still one of them is living with her. Now, Heather owns one dog and three cats. She loves animal very much and even used to work for the organization which take care and look after the animals. Frequently she has presented the story about the difficult situation of pet animals. Heather is a great advocate of animal rights.


Without doubt, Heather is very hot, attractive and seductive looking women who have a long list of admirers. It’s important to have a pretty face combined with a great personality to build a career in Television industry and Heather is no stranger to that. She has a very good sense of style. She understands the necessity to look after her appearances and look smart on screen. So, she works out regularly and eats healthy to keep her body and weight in check. She is gifted with a pair of stunning legs and feet. She wears clothes which appropriates her profession. She has done a fantastic job of maintaining her shape. Her viewers adore her beauty in bikini.


Although Heather Tesch’ s age is 47 she stills looks young and have got a perfect attractive body along with perfection in her profession. She has been around with the weather channel for approximately 14 years. The beautiful news anchor is already married and has got two children. Currently she resides in Atlanta with her family.


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