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Remarkably beautiful in her dark smoky eyes and straight hair bangs, Hazel Mae looks very much gorgeous on TV screen while casting for sports news from the field. Belonging to Asian culture and ethnicity, this pretty anchor was born on 7 April 1970 and is of Philippines-born Canadian nationality.  She is among one of the famous and attractive sportscasters of Canada.


Though her parents were originally from Philippines, hazel was brought up in Toronto. She attended York University for her studies where she used to host a sport update show for campus. After her graduation from the university, she initiated her career from Rogers SportsNet. She was appointed as an anchor by the channel. She was obliged to appear on the morning edition of SportsNet news, a live sport show. Since the channel was one of Canada’s all sport network, she was responsible for multitasking in multiple number of programs. She was also hosting JZone; a weekly show on the network which was mainly focused to the world of Major league Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays.  May be it was her fate or just a coincidence, she got to work for her favorite team and of whose first baseman was her future husband. During her working durationwith Rogers SportsNet, she also had worked with the network’s radio of Ontario affiliation providing them the sports update of various games held around.  She left the channel in 2004 and moved to Boston for her employment with New England Sports network (NESN)’s sports desk. She worked with the channel as a lead anchor from December of 2004. She also was seen anchoring The Ultimate Red Sox Show, NESN’s Red Sox week-in-review program and was very much adored for her presentation in the Boston Bruins top-ten in season show, The Buzz. After working for four long years with NESN, this beautiful lady left the network in July of 2008. Remarked for the multiple times of nominations for the position of Red Sox Nation’s first president , Mae’s popularity and charm reached to sky due to her professional years NESN. In august 2008, this glowing beauty was seen reporting for Major League of Baseball (MLB) network. As it was her favorite team, she gave her heart and soul for the better presentation of the league. Specially appointed for the telecast and reporting for the baseball, her former years’ experience and love for the sports gave her extra theories to be practiced on camera. Her presenting skill of the sport, either in the open field or in the well managed studio, always left her spectators in astonishment. She has been quite actively appearing in the shows like Hot Stove, MLB Tonight, 30 Clubs in 30 Days and Quick Pitch, since 2009. Her in-depth knowledge and passion of sports gives her terrific display of attitude in front of her viewers. Admired for her graceful smile and lovely accent, this dazzling diva is considered to be one of the sexiest sports casters of Canadian network. She left the channel on October 2011, but before that she used to co-host the very popular program, The Rundown with Matt Yallof. She officially bid good bye to MLB network in October and rejoined sports net debuting on 14 November on the channel through 6 pm edition of SportsNet Connected. Up till now, she has been in working terms with the channel and is gloriously identified as one of the studio host of Toronto Blue Jays Broadcasters.


In recognition of her beautiful body structure with average Asian height, this beautiful lady Hazel Mae is married to Kevin Barker. Her husband is a former first baseman of Major League Baseball. This pretty lady at the age of her mid-forties is a mother of a child. She was in the hot news for weeks for her workouts in the prenatal fitness center. Rejuvenated with the idea of fore coming new member in the family, she had been exclusively interviewed for her diet plans, her workouts, job timing and her spiritual as well as mental wellbeing.  As she had stated her child arrival very much special for her and her husband, her entire encounter with the interviewer seems to be very pleasant for her. Recently in 2013, she was in rumors for being in affair with Brain Burke. Burke is a former president and general manager of Toronto maple Leafs. News got viral in internet stating Burke was new boyfriend of Mae and has impregnated her. For this alleged issue, Mae so-called boyfriend had filed a lawsuit against eighteen individuals for circulating lie globally and demanded their identities to be disclosed with appropriate amount of compensation for his defamation. Mae had completely favored Burke’s lawsuit at that very moment and was in rage for the false allegation on her.


Very hot even at her forties, this wonderful anchor is very much clever in terms of her physique exposure. Dressed in a formal manner, she shows off her legs on screen displaying her small pretty feet in a manner that none of the single heart can be prevented from craving her. Widely popular and appreciated for her style, the lovely Hazel Mae is found very active in social networking sites.


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