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Genevieve Gorder, regarded as one of the successful television personality and extremely gorgeous interior designer in America was born in July 26, 1974 in Minneapolis in Minnesota to Jon Charles Gorder and Diana Drake. Being the eldest of the family, she has three brothers and she being the only daughter. She is also a host of HGTV Dear Genevieve. Originally, from Minnesota she currently lives in Manhattan with her only daughter Bebelle. Critically acclaimed and extremely beautiful Gorder, set an example for the womankind. She is highly praised for her achievements in designing and small screen presentation.


She attended Minneapolis South High School. She also was a soccer player, which toned her physical well being, apart from it she also played violin in her high school days. That proves her as an outstanding multi-talented student, which showed up, in her later career.


Having majored in International Affairs from the Lewis & Clark College in 1992 till 1994, she changed her career path by taking up interior designing, doing a course in Graphic design. After her interest in designing, she also worked as an intern in MTV. Seeing her dedication and hard work, she was appointed for permanent position making her the native of New York followed by formal graduation from the Manhattan Schools of Visual Arts with B.F.A in design. She even was very talented and scholar student during her college days. We can see her quotes quite famous in internet these days.


The graduation led her to the small screen after being acclaimed unique for her unusual methods of presentation and outstandingly extra ordinary designing campaigns. Her unpredictable ways of work standards and imaginations that followed is something that reckons in most of the designers and T.V presenters. Appearing as a commentator in Sex in 90s and in MTV series it was a start of a great accomplishment in television history. The idealistic approach of working barefoot made her the origin of designer of Trading Spaces a popular series of TLC. Besides that she also launched her own show in 2005 which was a travelling show, which led her to many small towns and reputed her public relation. The show was called Town Haul. Currently busy on the making of another series of innovation, which is named Genevieve Renovation, which in actual is about her own life and the reality of living a life of a designer, where she designs for her home in Manhattan and for herself as well as her daughter. She also has her own Signature Rug line established, teaming up with Capel.


Genevieve Gorder innovative style of rugs is very creative and immensely appareled. She is also one of the three judges of HGTV Design Star which was renamed HGTVStar in 2013 where she advices and promotes new designer trying their luck on Television. She is also engaged in hosting HGTV’s White House Christmas, since 2009 which has earned her and her team with three Telly awards for their series. With so much of accomplishments and innovative inventions in her accord, this hard working gorgeous designer has never stopped surprising the American county and even the World with her extravagance.


At the age of 39 Genevieve Gorder collaborated the new series of her show with her actor/producer husband Tyler Harcott and was happily married with their first child Bebelle Harcott born as a gift of the love the shared both off and on set of their union. However, the rumors speeded that the couple gone bitter divorce and parted ways with alumni Bebelle living with her mother. It is still not officially declared about the divorce of the couple, as the fake hoax covers up the news media about the couple no longer living together.


The immensely applauded and distinctively qualified Grover is regarded as one of the hottest designers and television presenters of the time. With height of 5 feet and 10 inches and the physique measurements of 36-26-32 the dame in spite of her age ever looks beautiful. Her work is appreciated worldwide and apart from it she is also popular for the brand campaigns of her own creation of Rugs. She even flaunts her physique in bikini and exposes the inner and outer beauty evident in her online. This might be a way in entering as new ambassador for wardrobes as well, we never know.


The well apprehended celebrity is very down to earth as it shows on her television portals and her social media sites. A traveler, designer and a loving mother who loves listening soul music and a violin player in herself, she definitely hits the spot in every aspect of stardom and humanism. Her official Twitter account is @real_genevieve and her Facebook page is Genevieve Gorder. In case of fans and followers she is not less followed than other Hollywood celebrities. Being a girl she has done much more progress in her life getting a hansome salary and millions of net worth.


Recently Genevieve Gorder is being highlighted with the show on HGTV's "Genevieve's Renovation" which has became the famous show that changed the living style of people premiered in July 2014. The Modern concepts of renovation came into practice. More of her information and trivia is found in web like IMDB and Wikipedia.


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