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Distinctive as the first woman for working as a television sports news anchor in Washington D.C. during 1994, Christine McKendry is the winner of 1996 regional Sports Emmy in the Best Sports Segment Category for “NFL 101”, which illustrated about the watching technique of football. This beautiful blonde news anchor was born in 18 February 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was brought up there. Currently, she is working as co-anchor of the 12-3pm ET weekend block of live show “SportsCenter” alongside Jay Crawford. She also serves as an on-site host for the ESPN’s coverage of Australian Open, French Open and U.S. Open.  


This good-looking lady was an attendant of Drexel University. She was enrolled with the university on a tennis scholarship. She graduated in 1990 with a degree of Humanities. During her university years, she was a dean’s list scholar who was a straight A+ student with splendid sport qualities especially in tennis. After her graduation from the university, she worked in WJLA-TV, an ABC affiliate based in Washington D.C. She was appointed as a sport reporter for the channel. During her working contract with WJLA, she used to co host AN hour long live pregame program “Redskin Magazine” for the network. She also served as the sideline and featuring reporter for TNT and TBS during the NBA Playoffs events. She debuted on air in 1996 for SportsCenter and eventually joined ESPNews during the launch of 24 hour news network. She was appointed as a sports caster for the network. She, though employed for other task, returned to co-host SportsCenter weekend’s morning and weekday’s pm editions. Her dedication and inclination to the show made her very popular among her colleagues and her fans. Equally exploiting her knowledge and skill for SportsCenter, she also overtook various task and assignments for the channel. She successfully covered the Wimbledon in 2007 for ESPN, SportsCenter’s coverage for U.S. Open from 2002 to 2006 and many other sports stories. She was also seen s the co host of the Winter X Games, late night for the X games on ESPN. She did this job for two years and is also noted for her coverage of 2007 College Football Live. This immensely talented woman also worked as the sideline reporter for ESPN2, ESPN and ABC sports broadcast during FIFA Women World Cup of 1999. She is also credited for her work as a columnist in’s “Page Two” during the year 2001. She is appreciated for her work as a sports anchor and reporter in All News channel/conus, with which she was associated in 1993. She also served as an update anchor for USA Network. In early 1992, she served for Fox News Service in Washington D.C. as a producer. This sexy woman of forty five year of age has a reputed and highly respected position in television network and is dignified as one of the most accomplished and promising sports journalist of present time.


This lovely lady Chris McKendry appears to be one of the “turn on matter” for many men around the globe. Blessed with beautiful pair of feet and stunning legs, she looks gorgeous in her lovely height of 1.70m. Her dressing style and perfect curves seems to add her with some extra effect to mesmerize her viewers. Highly admired for her soothing voice, this pretty lady is married long time back. She tied the knot with Eduardo Andrade many years ago and seems to be very compatible with her husband. Many sources has disclosed and revealed that she is the mother of two sons and is enjoying very pleasant time with her family in Connecticut. She herself has admitted that she plays tennis with her young boys and has got very supportive husband.


Absolutely in love with her spouse, she states of having no chances of divorce like issues in her relation. Very much cherished and adored, she is speculated to not have involved in any affair prior her marriage and hence had no boyfriend before.


Unarguably talented and luminous in her field of professionalism, there is no doubt she is paid with handsome amount of salary that can quench her dedication for her employer channel. Active in various social sites, her bio can be found in many search tabloids.


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