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Betty Davis is a certified on air broadcast meteorologist who is currently employed at WPLG – Channel 10. Davis, pleasant in appearance and personality, has gained more than decades of broadcast meteorology experience. Her amiable disposition, undeniable charisma has enabled her to attract millions of viewers for her show. While in studio, her style is ambidextrous and plausibly unique. While in front of camera as of her humor and good didactic skills, Betty’s show has been capable of holding the attention of myriad viewers all around the planet. All in all, Davis is an engrossing and erudite on camera meteorologist.


Davis in the first place is an original inhabitant of Preston, Georgia who was born to African American parents. As a little child, she spent her early Spellman College in Atlanta days in her hometown Preston. Being a native of Georgia, she got a chance to travel in several other southeastern cities as well. Once, she finished up her high school; she was accepted at where she completed her bachelor degree majoring in English. Additionally, she also earned a B.S degree in Geosciences from Mississippi State University.


Betty commenced her professional television career, landing at a local television station. While working there, she ameliorated her writing and presenting skill to the utmost level. Her affiliations with several community networks brought only local fame for her. So, it can be said that her substantial networking calling only came into being when she signed up with the weather channel. Davis served as an on camera meteorologist at the weather channel. While her days at TWC, she used to make extensive coverage of intemperate weather. At the Weather Channel, she also got a massive opportunity to work alongside with Dr. Greg Forbes, an internationally acknowledged weather expert. From violent windstorm recrudescence to severe tropical cyclones, Davis has far reaching experience reporting vital weather events. But currently she is no longer part of the weather channel. Her career at the network was cut short as her contract ran out. When her contract was over, so much backroom scuttlebutt passed around that Davis was fired, however nothing was based on fact. Apparently, she departed from the weather channel on July 31st. Betty was accepted gladly by WPLG – Channel 10 which is located in Miami/Fort Lauderdale viewing market.


Ms. Betty Davis also officially entered in American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association. More impressing, Ms. Betty holds AMS & NWA seals of approval. She has a kind of lenient attitude toward people so has involved herself in community service and philanthropic foundation. Of her total accumulated net worth, Betty has donated some portion in public charity. Except from her role as a meteorologist, she dynamically exercised on fundraising projects to better the lives of people. Betty backs up an organization named T – Times Girls.


Mentioning her private life, Betty is a married woman and looks pretty hot. She is both elegant and sensual and her husband highly admires her quality. She and her husband are blessed with one son. When Betty is free from duty, she enjoys taking walks, going to parks and visiting friends and relative. Her own personal website has been designed where her mini biography can be found. However, the popular public site like Wiki has not edited anything about Ms. Betty Davis.


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