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Atika Shubert is an Indonesian ethnicity holder News Personality currently working for CNN stationing in London since 2008. Before entering into CNN she was news reporter for Washington Post as well as for The New Zealand Herald. Both the magazines were published from her home country Indonesia. There is no information about her parents but she did her graduation from Jakarta International School in the year 1991. After her graduation she moved to America to continue her study. She there attended and graduated from Tufts University with Economics as her major subject.


Let us know about her professional life, she soon after university joined to CNN as station reporter for Jakarta station of CNN. Later in 2004 she shifted to Tokyo. While in japan she roofed many of Japan’s important incidents like controversy within Japanese Self-Defense Forces, Japanese hostage in Iraq and also 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attack. She in 2005 sheltered the historic 60th anniversary of Hiroshima bomb blast incident in 1945. Apart from this she described news regarding Korean Peninsula nuclear problem and testing of nuclear weapon by North Korea. According to CNN, she was first CNN reporter to cover the news on Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004. She was in stationed in Aceh while the tsunami started to destruct in mass. While being in Indonesia she stated news regarding Bali Bombing case of 2002, downfall of president of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid and also the appointment of new president Megawati Sukarnoputri. Other reporting she did is East Timor freedom Movement, conflict regarding religion in Ambon City, drop of president of Indonesia Suharto. Due to court case and expensive natures, CNN headquarter got the news from its Australian bureau. But Atika played vital roles as she aided CNN by reporting from Philippines and Singapore. From 2008, she is stationed in London to deliver news to CNN regarding news from UK and Europe. She was highlighted after her interview with controversial organization Wikileaks CEO and Founder Julian Assange. But as she asked about his sexual abuse he walked out of interview. She was supposed to ask about the Wikileaks and its matters only. There is no any information about her net worth.


Moving on to her personal bio, there is no accurate information about her private life as she tries to maintain low profile for it. But surprisingly she gave birth to a birth to a son in the year 2009. So from here we can assume she is married and has husband. But the name of her husband and marriage information is not given.


She is one of the dedicated and professional journalists working for CNN. Although she holds the Indonesian ethnicity but she is taken as America’s successful journalist.


Atika Shubert is one of the active anchor and reporter of CNN in 2014 and has covering general news from England and other continents. Recently she is clearing a confusion in people regarding Israel-Palestine war and its victims and results.


To know more about her we can visit Wikipedia as well as her personal blog. We can get most of the information about her life. But there is no any detail about her personal life in wiki.


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