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Stunningly beautiful with dark brown hair and sexy gleaming hazel eyes Astrid Braunschmidt appears to be the most steaming hot weather girl of Canada. Pretty with very soothing voice and amazing accent, this lovely weather host displays herself magnificently and is able to manage her glow and charm much younger than her actual age. Astrid, as per source, was born in Ontario and spent her early ten years of life in Scotland. She and her family came back to Canada in 1990 and have settled down in the mild west coast since then.


This beautiful lady attended Camosun College in Victoria and is a graduate with Applied Communication diploma degree in 2000. When she was a kid, her whole family shifted to Scotland from Ontario. Even her first Christmas was celebrated in the weather measuring of -38C. She grew in the chilly cold and wet environment of Scotland. After spending and exploring Scottish weather for almost ten years, she then returned back to Canada with her family. She was about to step in teens when they return and till now the Braunschmidt family has moved to nowhere from the west coast in Canada. As a passionate person for gardening, the thirteen year old Astrid had always loved planting roses in her garden. She was always concerned about her plants and timely thoughtful about how can she protect them from the terrible weather and favorable climate for her flowers. This concern of hers made her more obsessed about weather cycle and its dynamic behavior. Her passion for TV started when she was in her early teens. It commenced when she agreed to volunteer at the local community cable station as a part of her high school work experience project. She volunteered there for short duration. Her daily encounter with camera, operating technology and telecasting system made her very much clearer about what she wants to do in future. She also had worked for radio stations as a program assistant in Honolulu, Hawaii. After accomplishing her education from Camosun College, she started working for CTV News team. She joined the channel in 2001 and was appointed as a videographer. As she was an awesome storyteller, her interpreting skill helped her to be promoted as a host of CTV and in 2006, she was seen hosting a series produced by the Provincial Capital Commission which was set to reach out to all British Columbians who wanted to celebrate and learn more about Great Victoria’s history. She is also one of the social philanthropists who travelled to Uganda accompanying the international aid group Watoto for providing their effort in caring for AIDS orphans and rehabilitating former child soldiers in the year 2008. Currently working as a weather forecaster in the channel, she was awarded with RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award in Hard News Reporting in 2010 for her discovery of an owner of a burnt derelict tugboat abandoned in Sooke Harbor. She was also nominated for YM-YWCA Women Distinction award in the Communication and Public Relation category.   


The attractive lady Astrid Braunschmidt is married to Stephen and has two sons with him. She with her husband has also adopted a baby girl. Residing happily with her family at present, she never had been linked up with any other man and is supposed to never have had any relationship or boyfriend prior her marriage. Also an amateur bakeries maker, she states that both of the husband and wife loves to spend their time with their children and is equally available for them. According to her, the family is always together during their breakfast and she walks her children to their school. She also mentioned that the family frequently vacations to different places whenever time is favoring and would like to make her kids visit China and Hong Kong. She also revealed that she would like to see pyramids in near future and is very soon going to Europe with her mother for her holiday, when asked in an interview.


This terrific lady with alluring curvaceous figure says staying healthy means is to feel more from inside than out. Always opting for variety though simple clothes for her attire, this high heel shoes crazy shopper is one of the famous faces of Canadian TV. Though she has kept her private profile very low, her professional bio can be found in CTV’s official site and it is sourced that wiki is also creating a page about her.


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