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Trish Regan Biography | Bloomberg TV

The stunning and pleasant American host, reporter and a writer recently serving as a correspondent for Bloomberg television Trish Regan was born on December 13, 1977 in Hampton, New Hampshire firstly ...Read more

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Genevieve Gorder Biography

Genevieve Gorder, regarded as one of the successful television personality and extremely gorgeous interior designer in America was born in July 26, 1974 in Minneapolis in Minnesota to Jon Charles Gord...Read more

Heidi Watney Biography

Heidi Watney is American sports correspondent. Born on 19th May 1981, the 32 years old is currently associated with NLB networks. Before her collaboration with the NLB, she has experienced of working ...Read more

Andrea Tantaros Biography | Political Analyst

The very beautiful and charming Andrea Tantaros is an American political analyst & commentator currently working for Fox News channel. She hosts the hit show “The Five” in Fox. She was born on Dec...Read more

Sibi Blazic Biography

Sibi Blazic is well known face of the entertainment industry, widely noted for being the wife of Hollywood star, Christian Bale. As for her professional career, she is an established stuntwoman, makeu...Read more

Soulja Boy | Biography

Soulja Boy is among the brightest stars of American hip-hop universe. He is also popularly known as Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. He is a top-notch rapper and an accomplished record producer. His real name i...Read more

Hayden Panettiere | Biography

American born Hayden Panettiere is a flourishing film and television actress and a successful model. The celebrity is most admired for her role in NBC’s Heroes and the drama, Nashville on ABC. Since...Read more

Margaret Brennan | Biography

The renowned TV news personality widely noted as the former general department reporter of CBS News Margaret Brennan is Stamford born daughter of Belfast mother, Jane Brennan and Sligo father, Edward ...Read more

Linda Cohn | Biography

Smoking hot at the age of 54, ESPN anchor and auto biography author Linda Cohn was born on 10 November 1959. She is one of the recognized pioneer and successful female sports anchor of America. ...Read more

Don Lemon | CNN New York Based TV Journalist

A versatile and charming personality Don Lemon is an US television veteran journalist. He joined CNN in September 2006 as news anchor. He was born on March 1, 1966 and Baton Rouge and grew-up in Bato...Read more

Juliet Huddy | Biography

The celebrated TV personality recognized as a television news anchor and correspondent is Juliet Ann Marie Huddy who is presently assorted with Fox News Channel. Born on 27th September, 1969, she chan...Read more

Alisyn Camerota | Biography

Alisyn Camerota is News Correspondent and Presenter by profession. This gorgeous lady was born on June 21, 1966 in Bellingham, Washington, USA. She has two older sisters and has a brother who is an a...Read more

Lyse Doucet | Biography

BBC’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet was born in 24 December 1958 in Bathurst Canada. She is of Irish and Migmaw ancestry. A native of New Brunswick this women is a multi lingual with...Read more

Sara Eisen Biography | CNBC

Speculated to be born in early 70s, astoundingly beautiful Sara Eisen is one of the charming and attractive faces of American news industry. Formerly a news anchor and financial reporter at Bloomberg ...Read more

Carol Costello | Biography

Synonymous to the word hard work and sincerity is Carol Costello; a news anchor in America hosting the 9 Am to 11 Am edition of CNN Newsroom at present. This beautiful woman of age fifty two was born ...Read more

Samantha Mohr Biography

Stunning and beautiful Samantha Mohr is a meteorologist currently working at HLN and CNN international in Atlanta, Georgia. Born on 1974, she belongs to American nationality. Her early memories of her...Read more

Natalie Allen | Anchor CNN International

Natalie Allen is a former anchor and motivational presenter of the CNN International. She joined CNN in 1992 as anchor, host and reporter and contributing until 2001 before her departure from CNN.Sh...Read more

Atika Shubert Biography

Atika Shubert is an Indonesian ethnicity holder News Personality currently working for CNN stationing in London since 2008. Before entering into CNN she was news reporter for Washington Post as well a...Read more

Nicolas Poussin | Biography

Nicolas Poussin was a French painter. He spent much of his time working in Rome. Characteristic of his work are clarity, order, logic and suitable line over color. He was the inspirational figure for ...Read more

Donna Brazile | Biography

The beautiful and gorgeously talented Author, academician and a political analyst of the American media, Donna Brazile is a reputed mane in the literary field of the United States. Her mesmerizing and...Read more

Jemele Hill | Biography

The spectacular diva of the television prophecy with her dazzling and intriguing presentation as a columnist, Jemele Hill famously known as Jemele Juanita Hill has acclaimed fame from her talented jou...Read more

Tamron Hall | Biography

The hot and gorgeous personality of the television industry, Tamron Hall is a well-famed name in the small screen presentation as a correspondent and anchor. Her spectacular presence and her divinely ...Read more

Leo Laporte | Biography

The handsome and bold personality of the television and a writer, author and an entrepreneur by profession, Leo Gordon Laporte is a name recognized by the world as a fascinating dazzler of the media a...Read more

Carmen Carrera | Biography

The bold, beautiful and gorgeous diva of the television industry based in the United States of America, Carmen Carrera is a famed personality on the media industry. Her divinely outrageous appearance ...Read more

Sanjay Gupta | Biography

The highly reputed and famed personality of medical science of America, Sanjay Gupta is a well-known name in the American history of Medicine. He is an acclaimed neurosurgeon and journalism from profe...Read more

Pam Oliver | Biography

One of the best known television personalities relating with the sport casting of the Sports entertainment Pam Oliver is a well known diva of the American television industry. She has been in the fiel...Read more

Lesley Visser | Biography

The hot and gorgeous diva of the television and radio personality, Lesley Visser has garnered a reputed fame from her spectacular presence and her extra ordinary commentary skills. She is one of the p...Read more

Holly Rowe | Biography

The gorgeously talented and the hot diva of the sports casting entertainment, Holly Rowe has garnered a reputed fame from her originality and simplified form of reporting of the sports events. Through...Read more

Robin Meade Hot

Robin Meade, a name with a fame of a successful television personality and anchor has been one of the best-looking, gorgeous and sensual personalities of the television industry. She has the best-look...Read more

Elita Loresca Salary

The scintillatingly gorgeous and sensually hot diva of the television world, Elita A. Loresca is one of the hottest mixed ethical diva of the television network relating with the area of weather casti...Read more

Nancy Snyderman Divorce

The beautiful and talented diva of journalism and professionally a physician in occupation, Nancy Snyderman is well-known personality of the United States of America. She has been associated with seve...Read more

Linda Church plastic surgery

One of the hot, brilliantly talented and the beautiful television personality of the United States of America, Linda Church is a well-known name in the field of media. Her captivating and mesmerizing ...Read more

Monica Crowley Husband

The hot and gorgeous diva of the radio and television industry, Monica Crowley is a well-famed name inn the media. She has been associated with broadcasting commentaries and with the field of literatu...Read more

Gwen Ifill Married

The information about Gwen Ifill marriage has not been out in the presence of media and it is not confirmed if she has married and has been blessed with children or not from her husband. Since, it is...Read more

Lester Holt Biography

The dynamic and handsome personality of the television industry, Lester Holt is a well-acclaimed name in the field of the small screen from his presence in top-level network like the NBC. He is a prof...Read more

Draya Michele | Biography

Beauty that cannot be defined in mere words and if even tried would be insufficiently adverse if it comes to the gorgeous and spectacular diva of the television and movie industry, Draya Michele. Her ...Read more

Dannie Riel | Biography

The hot gorgeous and sensuous diva of modeling, Dannie Riel is a well-known personality of the fashion industry. Her dazzling outlook and stunning physique has made her a sought after model and even a...Read more

Amy Goodman | Biography

One of the well-known reporter and journalist with profession, Amy Goodman is a famed celebrity from several of the sectors relating with broadcasting journalism, reporting investigations and other re...Read more

Evelyn Taft | Biography

The hot and gorgeous television personality, Evelyn Taft is a well-known name in the field of meteorology. She has been credited with the stardom of onscreen presentation from her skillful representat...Read more

Elizabeth Vargas | Biography

he well-known personality of the television industry, Elizabeth Vargas is a famed television anchor and a journalist. She has been a popular face of the ABC News network and has been associated with t...Read more

Sharon Tay | Biography

It counts to one recognized and to be an established persona in the field of media however, if it’s Sharon Tay, the sensuously hot and gorgeous diva the count stops ant stays uncountable. She has th...Read more

Rosanna Scotto | Biography

The hot and vibrant personality of television industry, Rosanna Sotto is a well-known name in the media related with news anchoring. She has been blessed by outrageously gorgeous looks and her deviant...Read more

Mika Brzezinski | Biography

The hot and gorgeous media personality related with the field of journalism, Mika Brzezinski is a well-famed American journalist and anchor. She has the gorgeous looks and the skillful representation ...Read more

Alex Wagner | Biography

The highly spirited and intellectually talented personality of journalism, Alex Wagner is a well-famed journalist of the American media. She is also associated with the television industry as a host a...Read more

Candy Crowley | Biography

The divinely talented and outspoken television personality, Candy Crowley is a well-known figure in the news and media industry. With her breakthrough experiences and her outrageous accomplishments ha...Read more

Michelle Borth | Biography

The gorgeous and talented, phenomenal actress of the Hollywood scenario, Michelle Borth has been an acclaimed personality in the movie business. She has the looks to charm any body and the charisma th...Read more

Derek Fisher | Biography

Derek Fisher is a Professional and highly decorated Basketball player for Oklahoma City Thunder. Derek was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on August 9, 1974. His physique tells it all having height of 6...Read more

Alex Flanagan | Biography

he hot gorgeous and vibrant television personality of the American sports industry, Alex Flanagan is a well-famed diva with deviant looks and a magnificent persona. Her spirited conjugation and the ki...Read more

Tony Reali | Biography

The handsome and talented personality of the American sports, Tony Reali is a well-famed persona of the televised analysis of sports event. He has been the face of several networks, among which he acq...Read more

Mary Calvi | Biography

The vibrantly hot and gorgeous television personality of the American television industry, Mary Calvi is a well-famed and acknowledged journalist. She has been the key figure of her successful interpr...Read more

Jade McCarthy | Biography

It is the entertainment world of sports and one can never deny the perfection of the looks of Jade McCarthy, who has won the hearts of the sports fans from her outrageous appearance and beautiful pers...Read more

Dylan Dreyer | Biography

The hot, gorgeous, dazzling and superbly talented meteorologist and television personality, Dylan Dreyer has many acclaims in her name and to describe her in words is almost out of question. Her simpl...Read more

Lindsay Czarniak | Biography

With so much of association in the media industry, Lindsay Czarniak with her dazzling smile captivated as the world with her unique and dignified persona. Her charismatic presence and her outstanding ...Read more

Sara Walsh | Biography

The spectacular overviews of the sports could never be complete without the vibrant presenter called Sara Elizabeth Walsh. Her extra ordinary appeal to the public with the outrageously gorgeous presen...Read more

Contessa Brewer | Biography

The super hot and gorgeous television personality of American television industry, Contessa Brewer has been the face of the highly acclaimed MSNBC. She has set the standards of presentation to a diffe...Read more

Zain Verjee | Biography

The beautiful diva of the television from her exceptional talent has ruled the media attention from her spectacular performances and accordance. She is none other than the fabulous Zain Verjee, a Cana...Read more

Ainsley Earhardt | Biography

The gorgeous and outgoing television personality, Ainsley Earhardt is a well-known name famous from her onscreen presentation of hosting skills and correspondence for the Fox Channel. She with her mes...Read more

Kellie Pickler | Biography

A born talent with vibrancy of looks and divinity of vocals, Kellie Pickler came into fame from television debut and retained her stardom as a country singer and television personality with her effort...Read more

Nancy Shevell | Biography

The hot and gorgeous millionaire, Nancy Shevell is a well-known name for the fans of Beatles and the entertainment world. She is a vibrant and occupied business heir and a wife of the veteran and the ...Read more

David Gandy | Biography

The muscular, handsome hunk of the modeling fraternity, David Gandy is a well-known innovator of the fashion campaign. He has been the key of the male models that unlocked the super stardom of the mal...Read more

Connor Cruise | Biography

The adopted son of a popular couple, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Connor Cruise is a well-known name. He has come into the limelight from his childhood after being sought by the camera for being link...Read more

Stephen Belafonte | Biography

The handsome and attractive hunk of entertainment business, Stephen Belafonte is a well-known name in America. He with his superb looks and confidence has set sustainable standards in the field of sho...Read more

Kimberly Stewart | Biography

The very hot and gorgeous, Kimberly Stewart is a well-known star child born to Rod Steward and Alana Stewart. She is a highly acclaimed Television personality, actor, model and a fashion designer. She...Read more

Rachel Riley | Biography

The very hot and sensuous television personality, Rachel Riley is a well-known name in the English television industry. With her scintillating eyes, well built body and gorgeous face she captivates ev...Read more

Lowri Turner | Biography

The elegantly beautiful and talented television personality, Lowri Turner is a well-known face to the American audience. Her outstanding feats in health science and television presentation have made h...Read more

Abbey Clancy | Biography

The super hot and gorgeous model and a television personality, Abbey Clancy is a well-known name into the world. She is the wife of the veteran football player of England, Peter Crouch but she has her...Read more

Melissa Satta | Biography

The hot vibrant and outrageously gorgeous, Melissa Satta is a well-known name of the American Television. She has been associated with the television from 2002 until present. Her mesmerizing looks and...Read more

Adrianne Curry | Biography

Front the super hot and gorgeous diva of television and modeling industry, Adrianne Curry is one of the acclaimed top models of America. She has the superbly built body with scintillating eyes and mag...Read more

Alfonso Ribeiro | Biography

The versatile and multi-talented personality of television and movie industry, Alfonso Ribeiro is a popular name to the American and the audience worldwide. Is brilliant way of patronizing a concept t...Read more

Katie Couric | Biography

The hot and dynamic personality of television, journalist and an author in profession, Katie Couric is a well known name to the world. She has the presence of a divine beauty with long blonde hair and...Read more

Joey Essex | Biography

The hot and handsome personality of the television and movie industry, Joey Essex is a well cheered and famed personality. He has a pleasant and vibrant presence with widely caved body structure. His ...Read more

Dania Ramirez | Biography

The hot vibrant and scintillatingly gorgeous actress, Dania Jissel Ramirez is a well known name for the American television and movie industry. With her ever charming screen presence and a cutely capt...Read more

John Caparulo | Biography

The brilliantly blessed mind, when matches a well-built body figure with extra weight and extra talent pouch it concludes to be John Caparulo. The magician with humor and sense of comic, he could make...Read more

Jacqueline Johnson | Biography

The hot and sensual weathercaster of the American television industry, Jacqueline Johnson aka Jackie is well-known television personality. She has the charisma of the super gorgeous dame and a persona...Read more

Jay Glazer | Biography

The vibrantly talented writer and a sports analyst, Jay Glazer walked his way into the fame and celebrity status with his clear determination and multi-tasking charisma. He is profoundly one of the be...Read more

Neil Flynn | Biography

The renowned actor and celebrity of the American Television and movie industry, Neil Richard Flynn famous as Neil Flynn has many acclaims in his name. He is famous for numerous of his portrayals in sm...Read more

Lori Rothman | Biography

The gorgeously appealing, Lori Rothman is a well-known name in the American Television industry. She is deployed as an anchor in FBN network and Bloomberg Television. With her enchanting way of presen...Read more

Michelle Malkin | Biography

The stunningly talented and gorgeous author and blogger, Michelle Malkin is a well-known name of the journalism fraternity. Her efforts in social maintenance and stability of political scenario throug...Read more

Stuart Scott | Biography

The handsomely talented and well-built personality of sports industry, Stuart Scott is a well- known celebrity to all the sports fans all over the world. Working her way through the ESPN network, he j...Read more

Meredith Vieira | Biography

The hot and gorgeous television host and an acclaimed American journalist, Meredith Vieira is a well-known celebrity of the American Television industry. She with her charm and charisma mutilates the ...Read more

Lara Spencer Biography | ABC Correspondent

The mother of two children Lara Spencer is the famous TV Journalist. The very hot and pretty lady was born on June, 19 1969 in Garden city, Long Island. Her birth name was Lara Christine Von Seelen bu...Read more

Sandra Gal | Biography

The hot gorgeous and dynamic professional golfer of the history of golfing, Sandra Gal is regarded as a transformation of the game of golf. She diversely outlasted among counterparts in every genre of...Read more

Diane Macedo | Biography

The pretty and sensuous, Diane Macedo is a well-known Anchor of the American television. She is a news anchor in WCBS-TV based in New York City. The hot and vibrant television personality is a highly ...Read more

Chris Warren | Biography

The handsomely dashing, Chris Warren is a meteorologist expert. Well known from his looks and the charismatic persona, he is also regarded as one of the great looking television meteorologist of his a...Read more

Todd Santos Biography

The hunk of the television industry, Todd Santos is regarded as one if the most influential characters of the small screen. He has the ability to connect with his audience and give away the scintillat...Read more

Bryan Norcoss | Biography

The convincingly dashing protagonist, Bryan Norcoss is a well known name for the television industry. A meteorologist in profession, his name is affiliated with many other tags and honors. He is a hos...Read more

Cindy Preszler | Biography

The open minded and dynamic personality of the television industry, Cindy Preszler is a well-known American Meteorologist. She with her vivacious outlook and outrageous talent rules over the heart of ...Read more

Joe Bastardi | Biography

The bold and outspoken Joe Bastardi, is a well known skeptic meteorologist and a weather forecaster. His unique way of reporting the complete analysis of the breakthrough weathers was highly praised. ...Read more

Sharon Resultan | Biography

Remembered as one of the prominent Meteorologist of her times with two decades of experience in broadcasting, Sharon Resultan is a name reckoned by all as a favorite. She had the style, the talent, th...Read more

Jill Brown | Biography

The very talented and gorgeous, Jill Brown is a well known Meteorologist of the United States of America. She is enrolled with the CNN for weather reporting and forecasting. Working with severe climat...Read more

Danielle Banks | Biography

The hot and gorgeous, Danielle Banks who is better known to the world as an expert meteorologist is a public figure who was launched from TWC. Being seen on screen from The Weather Channel, she fascin...Read more

Julie Martin | Biography

The hot and stunningly beautiful, Julie Martin is a well-known figure in reporting and anchoring. She came into the limelight of the world from being an employee in The Weather Channel. She was born i...Read more

Paul Goodloe | Biography

As dynamic personality with deviant face and a smile that actually mesmerized the television industry by the media interpretation of weather forecasting, Paul Goodloe gave a hobby a different name. So...Read more

Crystal Egger | Biography

The hot and sensational diva of the American television history, Crystal Egger is a well-known meteorologist as well as a T.V presenter for The Weather channel, KNBC and KBRTV. With her scintillating ...Read more

Reed Timmer | Biography

The vibrant and good-looking Reed Timmer is a well-known face in American Television and the field of meteorology. In his 14 to 15 years of career as and storm chaser, he has gone through very hazardo...Read more

Kim Cunnigham | Biography

A stunningly beautiful, gorgeously hot and assertively talented Kim Cunnigham was born in Cincinnati, Ohio of the United States in 1966. Being an Ohio native, she had the flaws of a modern day from he...Read more

Vivian Brown | Biography

The vivaciously mesmerizing, deeply sensed television personality, Vivian Brown was sensibly one of a kind of her generation. Drawn mostly by the personified identification through The Weather Channel...Read more

Mike Seidel | Biography

A sustainably successful character well deserved to be known as a Meteorologist, Mike Seidel is regarded a high stormed performer. He notably is a brave accountant of severely wrong weather conditions...Read more

Jim Cantore | Biography

As most of the expertise in showbiz and a trendsetting example of our times, Jim Cantore with his breakthrough achievements in displaying the severity of the Weather is a well-known television anchor....Read more

Lisa Fletcher | Biography

A good looking and stunning, better known for her career in breakthrough journalism, investigative reporting and news anchoring for television for ABC News and many other television networks, Lisa Fle...Read more

Richelle Carey | Biography

The magnificent personality Richelle Carey is a successful American news anchor and reporter. She at present is witnessed as the Al Jazeera America’s anchor person. Previously, she worked for the HN...Read more

Molly Qerim | Biography

The elegantly beautiful and self-assured lady with the mixture of being reporter and anchor Molly Qerim has established herself as an important figure in the news industry. The gorgeous lady is mostly...Read more

Heather Tesch | Biography

Heather Tesch is an earning good salary from her current network as American television meteorologist who was born to American parents on 2nd May, 1967 at Buffalo Minnesota. She is a Native American w...Read more

David Feherty | Biography

David Feherty is defined as the former professional golfer. Right now he is working as broadcaster & writer for CBS Sports & Golf Channel. He joined CBS sports in 1997 as a golf analyst & on-course re...Read more

Sam Ryan | Biography

Sam Ryan is defined as the phenomenal sports caster in American news media industry. This gorgeous sports anchor is witnessed anchoring sports news on MBL Network. She joined MLB Network on September ...Read more

Kevin Harlan | Biography

Born in 21 June 1960 Kevin Harlan is media personality and game announcer of America nationality. He is currently associated with CBS Network for which he anchors National Football League and College ...Read more

Scott Van Pelt Biography

Scott Van Pelt is America born Sports newscaster and media personality. He is presently affiliated with ESPN where he co-hosts the SportsCenter. Apart from this he is also co-anchor of SVP & Russillo ...Read more

Dionne Bromfield | Biography

Enriched with amazingly precocious vocals Dionne Bromfield is defined as a British soul singer- television presenter & songwriter. This just eighteen turned young singer has claimed her global stardom...Read more

Jim Nantz Biography

Born in 17 May 1959 James William Nantz III famed as Jim Nantz is America born sports news reporter. He already has served his channel with his work in broadcast of various tourneys like National Foot...Read more

Ernie Johnson Jr. Biography

Born in 7 August 1956, Ernest Johnson Jr. is Sports newscaster of American nationality. He currently works for Tuner Sports Network which delivers the sports news on TNT, TBS and CBS Sports Channel. H...Read more

Stephanie Sparks Biography

The Golf channel’s on air personality is gorgeous Stephanie Sparks. This former golfer works as an on-course correspondent & conducts post –round interview at LPGA Tour & Nationwide. She is also w...Read more

Melissa Lee Biography | CNBC Anchor

The very attractive news broadcaster Melissa Lee working for CNBC network was born on November 4, 1974 in Great Neck, New York. She is of American nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity. She stepp...Read more

Tracy Wolfson Biography

The far-famed American sportscaster is Tracy Wolfson. Presently this gorgeous face is witnessed forecasting sports news on CBS Sports. This talented sports news caster is considered as the important c...Read more

Craig Sager | Biography

Born in 1951, Craig Sager is defined as the phenomenal American sideline reporter currently serving for TBS & TNT. Prior making his involvement with TNT & TBS, he was witnessed covering sports happeni...Read more

Betty Davis Biography | Meteorologist

Betty Davis is a certified on air broadcast meteorologist who is currently employed at WPLG – Channel 10. Davis, pleasant in appearance and personality, has gained more than decades of broadcast met...Read more

Jen Carfagno | Biography

Incredibly hot and bold in red outfit, Jennifer Carfagno aka Jen spreads her supernatural power among her viewers while presenting herself on the electrical display. Currently associated with weather ...Read more

JC Monahan | Biography

Extremely beautiful and hot with the most soothing smile ever, JC Monahan Originally named as Jennifer Catherine Monahan is one of the prettiest and charming meteorologists of America. Currently worki...Read more

Hazel Mae | Biography

Remarkably beautiful in her dark smoky eyes and straight hair bangs, Hazel Mae looks very much gorgeous on TV screen while casting for sports news from the field. Belonging to Asian culture and ethnic...Read more

Christi Paul | Biography

Gifted with gracious smile and beautiful dazzling eyes, Christi Paul is said to be one of the hot anchors of HLN network. Currently working as an anchor for HLN News Now at 2 pm ET and for the truTV n...Read more

Chris McKendry | Biography

Distinctive as the first woman for working as a television sports news anchor in Washington D.C. during 1994, Christine McKendry is the winner of 1996 regional Sports Emmy in the Best Sports Segment C...Read more

Carolyn Manno | Biography

Empowered with the proving capability of the statement “beauty with brains”, Carolyn Manno has emerged out as a star in the sports industry. Presumed to be born in the year 1984, this pretty lady ...Read more

Astrid Braunschmidt | Biography

Stunningly beautiful with dark brown hair and sexy gleaming hazel eyes Astrid Braunschmidt appears to be the most steaming hot weather girl of Canada. Pretty with very soothing voice and amazing accen...Read more

Brooke Hyland | Biography

A terrific dancer and national competition winner Brooke Marie Hyland popularly known as Brooke Hyland is a sixteen year old cute reality star born in 30 January 1998 in Pennsylvania, US. She is the d...Read more

Shannon Bream | Biography

Supreme Court reporter as well as the anchor of America’s News Headquarters for FOX network, Shannon Bream is an American journalist for the FOX news channel. She was born on Tallahassee, Florida in...Read more

Michelle Kosinski | Biography

Versatile in the field of professionalism and equally potential of turning a small industry into huge one, Michelle Kosinski is one of the most reputed and huge salary earning reporters based in Londo...Read more

Jessica Yellin | Biography

Beautifully assembled figure and gifted with graceful smile, Jessica Sage Yellin popularly known as Jessica Yellin is one of the talented and brilliant television journalists of America. Born to forme...Read more

Chris Hayes | Biography

The good looking and pleasant personality Chris Hayes is an American political commentator, news anchor and a philosopher currently working for MSNBC. He joined the organization in 2010. Born on Febru...Read more

Jill Wagner | Biography

Jillian Suzanne Wagner who is also popular as Jill Wagner is extremely beautiful model & actress of America. She is widely renowned for her remarkable performance in Wipeout, Wolf Watch & Splinter. Th...Read more

Bianna Golodryga | Biography

he charming and beautiful Bianna Golodryga is one of the prominent media personalities in recent time. She achieved her remarkable position by her dedication, devotion and commitment. She can be the a...Read more

Jenn Brown Biography | NFL

The stunning and absolutely gorgeous Jennifer Lynne Brown who is popularly known as Jenn Brown is a renowned television personality. She was born on March 23, 1981 in Gainesville, Florida. She is a wo...Read more

Matt Lauer | Biography

Matt Lauer with the professional status as Television anchor and host holds American nationality. Born on 30th December 1957, he is son of Robert Lauer and Marilyn Kolmer. His mother was a boutique ow...Read more

Laura Ingraham | Biography

Laura Ingraham was born in 19 June, 1964 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Estranged from her brother earlier because of his homo sexuality, Laura is one of the versatile and multi talented female politica...Read more

Nicole Petallides | Biography

Nicole Petallides is TV personality and Anchor of America. Born on September 20, 1971, she is a daughter of Fannie Holliday and John C. Petallides. The beautiful and the talented anchor currently is a...Read more

Gretchen Carlson Biography | Fox News

47 years old charming and accomplished media personality who is affiliated to Fox News, Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson, was born on June 21, 1966. She is anchor & correspondent by profession. Her birth n...Read more

Zoraida Sambolin Bio | CNN Anchor

Zoraida Sambolin who is rich of insightful reporting, kind nature, strength and resilience which are admired universally was born on July 10, 1965 in Chicago. She is an American television journalist ...Read more

Kirsten Powers | Biography

Kirsten Powers is a Columnist, blogger, pundit by her profession. This gorgeous columnist was born in 1969 in Fairbank in Alaska in USA. Her father was a former member of the NRA, her mother was an ar...Read more

Becky Quick Biography | CNBC

The charming & gorgeous Becky Quick is a popular media personality of an American television. Currently, she is associated with CNBC’s network. She is well-famed for involving in CNBC’s popular fi...Read more

Janice Dean | Biography

The well popular meteorologist Janice Dean is an accomplished weather news caster presently employed at Fox News Channel. Equally she also contributes in Fox News Network. Her incredible work as the m...Read more

Jennifer Westhoven | Biography

The marvelously graceful enriched with an extraordinary talent, Jennifer Westhoven is immensely successful American journalist employed at the Headline News where she covers the business, economic and...Read more

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Biography | CNBC

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is an accustomed name in the media planet. This dazzling and talented beauty is extensively known as general assignment reporter a business news correspondent for CNBC televisi...Read more

Andy Levy Biography | Fox Commentator

Andy levy is the television personality, commentator and humorist of American. Born on 11th August 1966, Andy is well renowned for his late night show of Fox News Channel Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, in w...Read more

Martha MacCallum Biography | Fox

The beautiful Martha MacCallum is a news anchor for Fox News Channel. She joined Fox News in 2004 and has been continuing her career in the same. Prior to that, she had worked for NBC for almost six y...Read more

Rob Marciano Biography | CNN

Rob Marciano is an American journalist and Meteorologist. Born on 25th June 1968, Marciano is a news and weather anchor of CNN. The 45 years old has achieved his fame through as a meteorologist and al...Read more

Isha Sesay Biography | CNN

The splendidly dynamic journo Isha Isatu Sesay is the current news MC of CNN News Center and Back Story broadcasted by world headquarters of CNN located at Atlanta. Besides CNN international, Anderson...Read more

Dana Bash | Biography

Dana Ruth Schwartz famous for her name as Dana Bash is an American journalist and anchorwoman for CNN. She was born on June 15, 1971 in Montvale, New Jersey. She is a reporter and anchorwoman by her p...Read more

Sage Steele Biography | Sports Host

A very intelligent and interesting anchor in American television is Sage Steele. She is working as host in morning weekend edition for Sport Center. She was born on 28th November 1972. She is from Afr...Read more

Sarah Kustok Biography | TV Diva

The incredibly gorgeous and talented with the intensifying future as journalist is Sarah Kustok. This rising TV diva is now considered as one of the renowned sport journalists. The thirty two years ag...Read more

Natasha Curry Biography | HLN Anchor

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Awarded Reporter of The Year by Associated Press in 1997, Kyra Philips is one of the best known anchors of CNN. Born on 8 August 1968, to professor parents, this lady is currently working for HLN, CNN...Read more

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Born as Lisa Read Bloom in California, United States in 20 September 1961 is best known for anchoring the show Lisa Bloom: Open Court, Lisa bloom is an American civil rights attorney. ...Read more

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Best known for her comprehensive on-camera forecasts, Cindy Day, is a Canadian television meteorologist. She was born on March 20, 1967(age 46) in Ontario. The master of different weather and season ...Read more

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