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The gorgeous diva of the golfing, Michelle Wie is a well-known celebrity to the sports industry. Her cute and shinning face and the charismatic smile endow the public orientation of viewing the dame.  Being born with an ethnicity of Korean breed, she is mostly recognized as an American Golfer representing the LPGA Tour. Her vibrancy in looks and her captivating presence relates most of the sport viewers. She has been accolade with many acknowledgements throughout her career as a youngster or a professional golfer. Her fame does not limit herself as just an ordinary golfer or a sports person but acknowledged by the media and public as a fashion icon and a trendsetter in sports. She is recognized for much of her outcomes relating the field of sports and fashion.


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, she is a child of an immigrant parents migrated from South Korea during 1080’s. Born to Byung-wook Wie and Bo, she had a stronghold of a sportsmanship from her early childhood. Her father was a professor of transportation management6 and her mother an amateur golf champion of her times. Her interest in the sports arose from her early days as her mother related to the same sports. She had a dual nationality being born to immigrant parents but her decision to renounce South Korean citizenship came in 2013.


She did her graduation from her hometown Honolulu from the Punahou School in June of 2007. But her ties with the parental accommodation brought her to Stanford University and she attended as a freshman in 2007. Being born to the family of professors and sports person, she enticed to get a sports oriented career from her early childhood. Not much if a good student, she devoted herself in golfing and her career intake in professional golfing came through. She had a discomforting status as a student in regular studies but the accomplishments in her sports career made her advance in her outgrowth as a special golfer for the university. She completed her studies from the Stanford in 2012 majoring in Communications.


Being underage and an exception in the field of golfing for the LPGA Tour she had difficulties surrounding the exemption and requirements. She also decided to prove herself rather than limiting herself as a golfer of underage than to professionally qualify for the acquired qualification. She played herb professional first event in 2005 LPGA World Championship sponsored by Samsung. She was disappointingly disqualified from the session. Then in 2006 she official kick started her PGA Tour at Waialae Country
Club in Hawaii. It was in 2006 she got the rank of being placed third and to second consequently. The ranking was not good enough and she kept being thrown away from the official championship. In May of 2006, she played for Asian Tour SK Telecom Open and ranked herself second securing prize money of $700,000 US dollars. A stepping-stone to mark herself as a professional golfer then there was no stopping back. Through her struggling days as an amateur golfer, she had to keep up with her passion to withstand the love of her sports. As an amateur, she has won Hawaii State Open in2002, U.S Amateur Public Links in 2003. She had numerous honors in hr credit competing with men generally. With her growing expe3rience and talent in the game, she also has won two professional championships in her credit. The Lorean Ochoa Invitational in November 15, 2009 and The CN Canadian Women’s Open in August 29 of 2010.


She is currently ranked 61st in the world ranking. She is also the youngest winner of adult USGA-tournament and younge4st player to place her cut in LPGA tournament at the early age of 13, the first female to qualify in USGA tournament and Asian tour when she was just 16. She also is first female medalist in the U.S Open. However be the results and controversies surrounding her, she is a determined player and a hard worker of the game. She keeps proving herse34lf in every stage she performs.


Michelle Wie with her enigmatic personality, hot figure, well-built body, credible height, slender long legs and beautiful feet is a fascinating diva to watch for. Being in golf attire or a bikini to sport her exotic physique, she pulls it all well. Her salary and net worth is credible to her accounts though it has not been revealed to the public but her endorsements profits her pretty well. It is not known about her relationships and any boyfriend she has been currently dating. She is not married until now and the quest of her husband is still on progress. Much of her triumphs are on wiki.


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