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Born in 6 August 1969, Kelly Tilghman is America born Former golf player and media personality. She currently is associated with The Golf Channel. She also became the first female golf announcer of PGA Tour. She was born in South Carolina to unidentified parents. After graduating from her high school she went to Duke University. She in her university days played golf. She completed her university graduation with Bachelor in Political science and History. She before becoming the Course reporter of the golf channel worked as game announcer of PGA. She was appointed as anchor of the Golf Channel in 2007 when Golf Channel signed deal with PGA Tour to broadcast all the Tours and tourneys.


Knowing her personal life, reportedly Kelly Tilghman is not married till date and has no husband. But rumors says she is gay and is seen hanging around with her girlfriends. She dated with her boyfriend in different times. According to various channels she likes to hang around with girl friends rather boyfriends. So let us not waste our time talking about her divorce. She is single and living her blissful life. She was rumored to be pregnant but she has not spoken about this till date.


Talking about her professional life, she is working with The Golf Channel since its commencement. She has performed all the duties and responsibilities which are given by the channel. She has the ability to perform wide range of duties. In 2007 she teamed up with key commentator Nick Faldo to present all the major PGA tour broadcast of the channel. She is one of the founding presenters who have worked since the establishment of the channel. Kelly also has served the channel as Co-host of Golf Central Show, anchor of Sprint Post Game and Live broadcast of the channel. In addition to this she also has presented other golf related programs live Academy Live, The Grey Goose 19thHole etc. Her dynamic ability and her presenting style are liked by everyone. In her initial days she worked as reporter of live tournament of the channel. Talking about her golf career, she played Pro golf from 1992 to 1996. She travelled Australia, Europe and Asia to play professional golf. In addition to this she acted as teacher and touring professional for rookies and fresher. She was attracted to golf due to her parents. As her parents had golf course she from her small age got to know about golf. She in 1990 won Lady Paladin Invitational Tourney which was presented by Furman University. Although she is well known for her work and dynamic ability she also lands herself into various controversies.  In 2008 her comment on Tiger Woods was highly criticized. Civil rights worker AL Sharpton told she should be fired as a result she apologized two days after her comment. But later she was suspended for two days by The Golf Channel due to her comment.  This incident was later featured in Golfweek magazine as it had controversial cover with a hanging noose. After huge criticism the editor of the magazine Dave Seanor was fired. She is also featured in video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, 10 and 11 as game announcer. Unfortunately there is no any information about her net worth and salary details.


She is the owner of toned pair of body. Her god gifted charm is supported by her maintained pair of legs which we can be seen in her formal dress. She looks amazing in her outfits. She is very clever to in choosing her dress. She at the age of 44 still looks young and fit. She has the capacity to bind her viewers to the TV set.


To know more about Kelly Tilghman we can see her biography in wiki as well as search information in her personal site too. She is very active social networking site user and is found easily if searched.

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