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Charming Angie Mentink born on October 18, 1973, is an American sportscaster currently employed at Northwest Sports Report as their anchor. Besides, she also serves as the co-anchor for Mariners Live. She's the native from Norfolk, Virginia. She belongs to American nationality. Sports lover since childhood, she always dreamt of pursuing a career related with one. Hardcore athlete and true player at heart, she was a three-time college All-American softball player at the University of Washington. She graduated during the mid 90s. She holds communication degree. Despite her enormous amount of dedication towards sport, she opted for the career that had more to do with reporting and stuff.

Angie Mentink Quick Facts

Born: October 18, 1973 (age 43), Norfolk, VA
Nationality: American
Spouse: Jarrett Mentink
Education: University of Washington

Height:    1 Feet 9.5 Inch

Birth Sign:    libra

Originally, she had plans to become a news reporter not the sports person, but later she completely strangled that thought of hers and embarked on a career as a female correspondent for Sports TV. Year 1997, she made her debut on FSN network. Assigned as the reporter, she did her job whole heartedly. She performed every responsibility with outstanding dedication. Couple of years later, she got promoted as ROOT Sports featured personalities on their live events and team programs. As for now, she's associated with Northwest Sports Report network as their presenter and reporter. She's definitely at a good place since she's receiving good amount of salary and getting good dose of appreciation for her work. Matter of fact, she has also earned an Emmy Award for her reporting.


Speaking of her personal life biography, she's a married person with kids to look after. She is married to Jarrett Mentink, a former Assistant Basketball Coach for Seattle Pacific University, where he remains a professor and writes children's book. She and her husband have two children together, both sons. Her marriage to Jarrett has lasted for almost a decade long and yet they both are going on strong. Angie is one blessed person to have such an amazing family. She's living a blissful time and it's pretty obvious that she won't trade that for nothing. It's also unlikely that she would divorce Jarrett. She has got everything that a normal individual would desire for; great career, loving husband and adorable kids with stable finance.


Mother of two, Angie has reached forty years of age, incredible and unbelievable at the same time. Looking at her, she looks way too young and vulnerable for her age. She should be applauded for the way she has maintained her. Despite working under such stressful atmosphere, she has managed to stay fit. Like many of us today, she also follows a disciplined life that incorporates regular workout and healthy eating. It's her secret towards her youthful appearance. Post pregnancy, for working moms, it becomes stupendously difficult to get back to shape and appear attractive. But Angie has somehow managed to get back to being her original self without much hardship. She didn't let work and motherhood ruin her beautiful demeanor. She's an inspiration to many of us in many different ways.  


Other details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Some interesting trivia about her, she used to play professional baseball for "Colorado Silver Bullets". Back then, she was among one of the hard core sports player, she only switched her career later in life. She was formerly on FSN Detroit.

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