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The hot and scintillating personality of American Television and a celebrity chef, Christina Machamer has dazzled the world with her unique way of cooking and presenting her flaunting style of charisma through screen. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri to Rick and Leasa Machamer in March 13, 1982. She has been acclaimed with Senior Sous Chef at the restaurant of the veteran celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. She has capitalized her earnings ranging $250,000 per year as a salary and her net worth is believed to be pretty sustaining to the young and gorgeous diva. She is well-known as a finalist and a winner of Hell’s Kitchen, the food series broadcasted from Fox’s Network alongside Gordon Ramsay as a judge.


Her early days were pretty sound and fascinating. Born in a supportive family, she was well accompanied by the art of cooking from her childhood. Her hometown St. Louis approached her with early enrollment in restaurants and she was an employee at her tender age of 16. She attended Lafayette High School and completed her graduation. She was a student of law but she skipped her education to find a career in cooking. She worked as an apprentice for Larry Forgione, a well reputed chef locating herself at An American Place. Later she got her formal culinary training from The Culinary Institute of America, which was situated in Hyde Park. She completed her graduation in February 29 of 2008.


She was a hot and beautiful dame with well talented brains, her appearance was a plus point for her to approach on television and she had the odds of a chef in her. She auditioned for the food series of Hell’s Kitchen judged by the controversial and highly famed chef of the world Gordon Ramsay. The show was in is 3rd season and Christina approached to be the part of the show. She was no he favorite to win but her determination and intellect proved to be match winning. She flaunted the show with her style and charisma and her talents of cooking were best of them all. She won the handsome prize money of $250,000 and a year of cooking experience in restaurant owned by Ramsay himself.

After her winning campaign in the television her status changed into a well-known celebrity chef and she was dedicated to prove it worth. She working on the restaurant of Ramsay though was not provided with the executive level employment but her achievements and experience were growing with high confidence. She then found herself a job in a restaurant called the Revival based in St. Louis. With equal participation of Cory Lemieux, she started a BCBC blend, a spice company, which is launched nationally. She continuously works for the restaurant of Ramsay, The London West Hollywood, which has been acclaimed with Michelin Star in 2009. She works as an executive level sous chef for the restaurant. She also has a blogging site for and has completed her Diploma in serving wines.


The famed status after her winning approach in the television series Hell’s Kitchen she has been associated with different other food series and recognitions. Her determination and achievements kept rising as she studied the process of wine making after her departure from the London West Hollywood restaurant, from CIA Greystone which is located in St. Helena, California. She moved to Napa Valley in 2008 and has formed a compelling approach in blending he taste of food and wine together in the much acclaimed and famed B Cellars located in Calistoga, California of the United States of America. She has been actively participating in several of the television and restaurants appearance. She appeared as a host for the St. Louis Food and Wine Experience.


The super hot and divinely gorgeous diva Christina Machamer of culinary and wine industry has been a sought after celebrity for her achievements and accords. She has the body of an angel and the mind of a genius chef. She has not yet written any cookbooks. The star of the reality series likes to keep her personal life a secret and away from the speculative media. She loves her privacy and her success is just co-related with it. The facts about her marriage and husband or in a relation with a boyfriend are not out in the attention of the media and may or may not be true in basis. More about her bio and feats can be found in wiki. She connects with her fans through her official Twitter account.


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