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Michael Symon | Biography

The hot and talented celebrity chef and a television personality is no other than Michael Symon is well known name in the small screen and the culinary industry. He has been famed to the celebrity sta...Read more

Ming Tsai | Biography

The master of the food industry and a restaurateur in business, Ming Tsai is a well known television personality and chef. He has the ability to tend people into cooking when he approached them throug...Read more

Christina Machamer | Biography

The hot and scintillating personality of American Television and a celebrity chef, Christina Machamer has dazzled the world with her unique way of cooking and presenting her flaunting style of charism...Read more

Joe Bastianich | Biography

The stunningly handsome and cooking enthusiast, Joe Bastianich is a well-known television personality and a restaurateur. He has been in the field of culinary from very early age, as his mother a fame...Read more

Carla Hall | Biography

The beautiful and dynamic, Carla Hall is a well-known name in the American Television industry. She is a dignified Celebrity Chef and an honored television personality. Having competed in the reality ...Read more

Andrew Zimmern Biography

The dynamic and sensational chef, Andrew Zimmern is regarded as a breakthrough in the world of cuisines and television. He with his unique style of blending the tastes and charismatic on-screen person...Read more

Lidia Bastianich | Biography

The highly famous and well acclaimed television personality and host, Lidia Bastianich is a well known name in the television and culinary industry. She with her varied conceptions about foods and her...Read more

Anne Burrell | Biography

A well-known personality of the American Television and a gorgeously talented Chef, Anne Burrell has a multi talented fame in her name. She is also an instructor and a host. She taught culinary instru...Read more

Marcela Valladolid Biography

The Gen Y chef and author holding the American instinctive Marcela Valladolid is amongst the effervescent cooks in the world. She is widely known for her appetizing Mexican style cuisine. Native from ...Read more