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A great actress named Hillary Swank is an excellent film actress of America. She was born on 30th July 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. She is a famous actress among the all and many of her family member are from Ringgold Country, Iowa but her maternal grandmother was Spanish and Shoshone (Native American).Her father Stephen Michael Swank was a chief Master sergeant in the “Oregon Air national guard” and after that he was a travelling sales man. She was fond of her mother Judy Kay and she was a secretary and well known dancer.


She was very excited about the theatre programs from her child age. She completed her elementary school in Fairhaven middle school and high school from Sehome high school in Bellingham until she was sixteen. She was very talented that she completed her junior Olympic and Washington state championship in swimming and she ranked fifth position in all state gymnastics.


She did her first stage show at the age of nine years old, she played in The Jungle Book and started to involve in the stage programs held in schools and community who includes Bellingham theatre guild and The Seattle Children's Theater. At the age of fifteen her parents were separated some certain reasons till then they use to live in los angles and her mother lived out of their car until her mother save some money for their rent and apartment. Her mother was not against her but played a supportive role in making Swank’s career successful.


She started her career by playing her first debut film in 1992, by playing a small role in a film called “Buff the vampire saylar and then she directly acted in a direct-to-video dramas ‘Quiet days in Hollywood’. After a long time she played a film in a lead role in 1994 named The Next Karate, in which her gymnastics skill were the plus point to pair her with Pat Morita. And between she played a lot of films with lots of actor and in September 1997 she was known as the single mother Carl Reynolds in Beverly Hills, 90210.


Later on she got an opportunity in an audition which was for the role Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t cry. For the role of this character she reduced seven percent of her body fat.  Many of the peoples told that she was the best performer in female in 1999. She was given $75 for the whole day for the shooting of Boys Don’t Cry and altogether she earned $3000 but even though it was less for her to have a health insurance for her. She also won the title of golden globe and the Oscar award for the best actress.


Swank had played a lot of films and got several titles in her journey of acting. She played many films in her career like Clint Eastwood, and so on. Then in 1997 Sep 28th Swank married an actor named Chad Lowe whom she met at the theatre of Quiet days in Hollywood in 1992. And in 2006 they were separated and announced that they’re divorcing.


She has been acting as a professional before starting her career and she took it to the successful ending. She is also a pet lover and she has one parrot and a cat named ad Tallinn. She was also a first female actress who had won an Oscar award in the role of boxer. She was a vegetarian so she eats a lot of fresh vegetarian items. She says that “When she went to do a real character she personally goes deep into the character to know the character from both inside and outside.


Hilary Swank just now reaches at age of 39 years but alsoshelook very hot and sexy. She has got good height of 5’ 2” with measurement. Her brown eyes and Dark Brown hair look very pretty on her. She looks more attractive with her long legs and toned feet. She is enjoying her personal life and professional life very much. She has got very good dressing sense. She dress up herself very stylish way. She looks very sexy in her every outfit but we find her photo in bikini in any sites.


She has got many award for her work in the Hollywood. She has been nominated for best actress of year in 2010. She has got different kind of award in her career. She has been honored time to time from different kinds of award. She is earning good amount of salary from her work and she is satisfied with her work and salary.


She is very humanitarian person. Her fan and followers can find her more information in any social networks like Twitter and Face book. Her biography can be obtained from Wikipedia, Wiki and other sites related to her. She is very much popular among her fans and viewers. In internet her fans search her images and information in different sites.

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