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The handsome, courageous Asian-American actor Ian Anthony Dale was born in 3 July, 1987 to a hockey player father. His father always wanted him to be genius in sports but Ian had some other plans for his future. Raised up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S., he is of Japanese, French and English decency.


Dale attended college in Madison, Wisconsin. Though had interest in sports, his greater lure to films made him graduate with film degree leaving sports at one corner. He, for the first time, was seen in 2002 episode of Fast lane, a TV series. He after this show was seen in various other shows. He also showed up in 2003 Angel and JAG. His first film was Mr.3000 of 2004. The film was moderate success. He continued appearing on the TV screen. In 2004, his role in TV series Las Vegas, Hawaii, Second time Around, Charmed was much praised by his viewers. His role as avatar Gamma in charmed was quoted as sensational. He after then was seen in 2005 North Shore and was casted Lead on Surface. He also appeared in 2006 Day Break and Criminal Minds in 2007, his movie The Bucket List came out which garnered him million fans. Same year, he was seen in TV series Without a Trace, Bones, 24 and Cold Case. 2009 saw Dale in the movie Hangover and TV like Lollipops and TV series like CSY: NY, Doll house and CSI: Miami. Dale also starred in the film Tekken. The role Kazuya Mishima in Tekken made him a super-star overnight leaving a terrific impression on everybody’s mind. In 2010, he was casted in as scorpion in Mortal Combat: Rebirth. His spectacular performance got him Mortal Combat: Legacy since then. Worked in all franchise of Mortal Combat,it is confirmed news that 2014 would deliver us another masterpiece of Dale as scorpion. He also was seen in other TV shows during this period. Seen in 2010 Trauma, CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, and The Event, he also starred in 2011 Burn Notice. He appeared in 2012 Doc McStuffins, The Mentalist and Emily Owens. Recently seen in American Horror Story:Coven, he is also plotted in 2014 Murder in the First Place. Dale has been working as Adam Nashimuri in Hawaii Five-O since 2011.The show has been renewed frequently with his recurring role. Beside TV series and films, he was also casted in video games like Sleeping Dogs and voiced over in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


Not confirmed if Ian Anthony Dale is married or not, this handsome hunk is not even exposed with his girlfriend or dating issue. May be because of this reason, he was cornered for being gay. Though the news was not declared official, the controversy splashed eventually later on. This man of height 1.83 m is currently a heartthrob and much searched celebrity. At the age of thirty five, this sexy fellow has garnered million appreciation and applauses that there is no question of him resting from entertainment industry.


Present in various social networking site, his fans can view his entire working list in sites like wiki.


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